Analysis the situation and provide feedback on you would have done to resolve the issue at hand

Analysis the situation and provide feedback on you would have done to resolve the issue at hand:

Next time you go through security on your way through the airport, smile and say thank you to the screeners who help you send your bags through screening and wave you through the scanner. Low Morale runs rampant through the screeners that work at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and odds are that the screener you smile at is think about quitting. A recent government report revealed concerns that the low morale of the screeners may be distraction to them on the job and may cause them to be less focused on security and screening responsibilities. About one in five of the nation’s 45000 screeners quit every year due to low morale, low pay, discrimination, and fear of retaliation if they complain. Further complicating the morale problems are the “enhanced” pat down [procedures added to screener’s job responsibilities in 2010. Screeners report being called “molester, pervert, and creep” and much worse by passengers who are understandably upset by being subjected to the par downs after setting off metal detectors in some airports. TSA employees had a long list of issues they believed contributed to the low morale and turnover including the TSA’s pay-for-performance system, called Performance Accountability and Standards System (PASS), which was widely viewed by employees as unfair and discriminatory to older workers, minorities, ,and women. In an effort to gain more control over working conditions. TSA employees voted to allow the American Federal of Government Employees (AFGE) to represent them as a union in 2011. In 2012, the AFGE negotiated a collective bargaining agreement designed to correct the working conditions that TSA employees found objectionable. Terms of the agreement include the following:

Replacing PASS with a performance appraisal process that puts increased emphasis on evaluating officer’s performance based on supervisor observations rather than certifications test scores.

Awards for attendance, outstanding service, leadership, and performance. Additional awards may be established at individual airports based on their needs and challenges.

Changes in attendance policies, guidelines, for tardiness, and the process for approval of sick leave.

Revision of how employees bid for shifts, annual leaves, transfer policies, and how employees may convert from part-time to full-time.

Changes in requirements for uniforms, personal appearance, and subsidies for uniforms and parking.

Requirements for personal safety and comfort including workplace temperatures, lighting, ergonomic equipment, and noise levels.

Revised dispute resolution process designed to provide fairness and due process for TSA officers including a revised appeal process for disciplinary actions.

Kim Kraynak-Lambert of the AFGE was happy with the agreement, stating “TSOs (Transportation Safety Officers) come to work every day in the face of intense public and congressional scrutiny and, to the best of their ability, protect this nation from terrorist attack. Now we can look forward to new tights and new working conditions and a chance to form a true labor management partnership.”

Expert Answer



An occupation of the Transportation Safety Agency is airport screeners. An agency of the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA bears the enormous responsibility of providing efficient and effective security for passenger and freight transportation in the United States. As one would imagine, the job of a TSA employee is both physically and mentally challenging.While only entry-level employees, TSOs (Transportation Security Officers) must have the courtesy, patience, integrity, and politeness necessary in order to perform the necessary dutiesof their position.

Low morale at the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has caused screening officers to quit the agency more rapidly than they are being hired, leaving the TSA ill-equipped to handle long airport lines around the country. Some officials fear the trend will continue if workplace conditions do not improve. Transportation security officers (TSOs) are already feeling the crunch of summer travel, forcing some employees to work mandatory overtime shifts, cancel scheduled days off and miss meal and rest breaks.

The Transportation Security Administration deserves credit for trying to create alternative methods for resolving employee concerns, but the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general said in a critical report released on Tuesday that those programs could be backfiring and contributing to morale problems.


TSA has tried to reduce high employee turnover rates it inherited from private industry when it took over airport screening functions and has struggled to set up a strong performance management system. Unions have argued that TSA screeners need more time for training and more transparency in the evaluations process. Because of their frustration, employees may be distracted and less focused on their security and screening responsibilities. These factors could in turn adversely affect TSA’s overall transportation security mission by increasing turnover and decreasing workforce stability.

TSA reacted sharply to the report, arguing that it misinterpreted the unique nature of the agency’s dispute resolution programs. The management has failed to recognize the scale, depth and leading-edge quality of what TSA has undertaken: becoming a model that other agencies are benchmarking, providing multiple places and ways that individuals can raise and obtain assistance in resolving concerns, and making considerable progress in laying the foundation for the maturation of the system.


The low morale among airport screeners may be allowing security and forcing screeners to quit their jobs.Personnel problems among one in five of the nation’s 48,000 airport screeners, are contributing to the workforce having some of the highest turnover rates in the federal government. The reason behind this declining is that they are frustrated, which leads to them being distracted and less focused on their security and screening responsibilities. Even after implementing a curb turnover where a new pay grade would raise salaries, screeners still found the occupation as a job that lacked the opportunity for advancement. An agency that started because of a devastating attack on the United States took control of airport security. A job that is dead end means that there is little or no chance of progressing and succeeding into a higher paid position. TSA did start a program that would offer a better opportunity to be promoted to other government security jobs such as the Secret Service or Border Patrol. However, the pay and promotion system has been widely viewed by employees as not fair, credible or transparent. Job design refers to the way that the position and the tasks within that position are organized.

The salary are now being evaluated fairly and compensated fairly. They have better shift bids, sick time,attendance policies, a more uniform dress code and more safe working conditions. The observation method is used when a job analyst watches the job being done directly or reviews films of workers on the job. The problem with this is employees rarely preform the same when they know they are being watched. The individual interview method involves interviewing the employees who do the job one on one to gain their input. The group interview method is the same except in a group setting. The structured questionnaire method gives workers a specifically designed questionnaire on which they check and rate items based on their job. The technical conference method uses supervisors with extensive knowledge of the job or subject matter experts to gain data. Last, the dairy method, this requires workers to log all their daily activities for a long period of time. I think to analyze the TSA job I would use the observation, individual interview, group interview and technical conference methods to analyze. This would give the job analyzer the opportunity to see what the job should look like, speak with the operators one on one and in a group setting and then speak with the supervisor or SMEto determine what should be done from their expectations.


Job enrichment concepts may be used to increase morale and retention at TSA by offering more job content to create more opportunities for job satisfaction. From the readings the TSA position seems boring and redundant. If they would work with some other areas of the airport or not always do the same position more job satisfaction may occur. The elements of the collective bargaining agreement address job enrichment issues by creating a more fair evaluation process and providing awards for attendance,outstanding service, leadership and performance. Employers can reduce the attractiveness of union representations by creating well designed jobs the union is in place to provide a fair work environment with a 40 hour work week. If these things are provided then there is no need for a union.

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