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What Is an Annotated Bibliography?

The annotated bibliography is commonly referred to as “Works Cited” or Reference List” depending on the referencing style and citation style you use. Therefore, an annotated bibliography is a list enumerating all citations to documents, books, and articles that have been used in a dissertation or research paper. A brief description follows each citation and it should not exceed 150 words. Each of the citation sources should contain information on the author, title, publication year and other features. These citations are significant because they assist the reader locate the source easily.

The annotated bibliography is one of the most essential aspects of the writing process, irrespective of the nature of work. When writing different research papers, crafting of an annotated bibliography is a crucial phase. It is essential to consider the suggested number of references for a research paper.  The complex structure of the annotated bibliography requires skills and knowledge such as synthesis and analysis of information. Despite it being difficult to write, an annotated bibliography is a frequent requirement by college instructors before starting a research paper to evaluate your understanding level of the topic to be researched. This is where many students seek help from qualified and professional academic writers in preparing an excellent annotated bibliography. Depending on customer reference, our essay writing service provides a bunch of annotated bibliography samples for free. If you cannot write the annotated bibliography on your own, we have ready writers at Buy-Essay to help you write the entire bibliography.

Types of Annotated Bibliographies

This type of assignment is available in university. As stated earlier, an annotated bibliography is a sources list, which has relevance to your subject area (journal articles, books). It is followed by a professional annotation that wraps up or evaluates each source. There are four main types of annotated bibliographies.

  • Combination: This is an annotated bibliography that contains source information and a critical evaluation.
  • Informative: This type of an annotated bibliography summarises the source, but it also includes more details about the hypothesis, arguments, thesis and conclusions of the work.
  • Evaluative: This annotated bibliography essentially evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of an information source in regard to its relevance and quality.
  • Indicative: The indicative annotated bibliography gives an overview of the main focus of the sources and addresses the issues and key concepts of the work.

Significance of Annotated Bibliography

  • Some people may perceive annotated bibliography writing to be an ordinary requirement in academic writing, but the fact is that it is an essential aspect of any academic paper. If your paper instructions indicate that you have to prepare an annotated bibliography, you have to fulfil this requirement. In a dissertation, thesis, or research paper, the writer tries to make a point to the person reading the paper. For that reason, the references used in the paper should add credibility to his point and support his argument.
  • Another thing that makes annotated bibliography important at the college level is that it helps your professor establish that you have researched all information and have relevant facts derived from credible sources. It portrays the student as serious about his assignment. Also, the annotated bibliography provides information about the timeline of the stated information in a research or dissertation paper.
  • Annotated bibliographies help the writer/student explore what was covered on the subject and where the paper fits in. Research papers argue out points hence they need relevant points to act as a base for a debate in their development. The annotated bibliography is therefore significant as it helps argue this point eventually.
  • The researcher learns everything that is significant and relevant to his topic through an annotated bibliography. There are many annotated databases and source on the internet with some having samples. All the resources help students come up with a great annotated bibliography for their paper.

Creating an annotated bibliography may seem easy, but in reality, it is a tricky assignment to undertake.  When writing an annotated bibliography, you have to follow different referencing styles, such as Chicago, Harvard, APA, and MLA. This means that students have to be willing to follow the particular guidelines as per the instructor’s preferences. This is a skill worth knowing and understanding in you are to be a good academic writer.

Subjects that Require an Annotation

An annotation page is usually a requirement when working on more complex papers. For instance, a simple essay does not require the inclusions of annotations. But, when writing a coursework, research or dissertation on serious disciplines like Economics, History, or Medicine, you have to include an annotated bibliography. The reason is that an annotated bibliography explains to the reader the relevance of the chosen sources and why they are significant to you work.

Annotated Bibliography Writing Services

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

For a significant number of students, its challenging to write an annotated bibliography. The reason is they simply do not know the types of sources to incorporate and what citation style to use. First, you have to know the definition of a bibliography. Annotated bibliography or bibliography is not similar to a works cited page, which is the first mistake students make. Although a works cited page is a source list that informs the reader about the sources used by the author to create his work, a bibliography is an each-reference-source list summarizing, evaluating and drawing conclusions from them.

Annotated Bibliography Citation Styles

As a standard rule, an annotation bibliography is created in APA or MLA format, other times you may be required to use the Chicago style.  Let us look at the APA and MLA formatting styles.

The American Psychological Association (APA) annotated bibliography style is found in an official handbook that summarizes its rules and requirements. Annotations in the APA format require the writer to assess and summarize sources. The annotation includes the name of the source author, date of the last edition of the source, its web address, and the number of pages. The key feature is the page format. You can find the guidelines of this format on the internet or obtain them from your teacher. Make sure that you structure the annotations in the right manner, follow all rules and set correct spaces, among other requirements.

The Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style is the most commonly used format. But, the official MLA handbook does not contain guidelines on creating an annotated bibliography page. However, if you are asked to write an annotated bibliography using MLA style, incorporate the following:

  • Double space your sentences
  • Arrange the bibliographic list in alphabetical order based on the author’s name
  • If the author’s name is not provided, use the source title
  • Italicize titles of books and scholarly journal articles. However, when writing annotations for books’ chapters, short stories or essays, put the titles in quotation marks.
  • Indent the first line of each source

Why You Need Buy-Essay.Com for Annotated Bibliography Services

Writing an annotated bibliography requires you to find and record all citations to documents, literary works, books and journals that have information relating to your topic. You have to learn and assess the actual information concisely.  Perform a thorough search of works that contain different aspects of your topic. Next, make a citation of a journal or a book using the instructor’s referencing style preference. This is an indication of how this task can be time-consuming.

A student may be unable to craft this essential feature of a research paper, which is where we come in. At, we invest sufficient time to write a well-structured annotated bibliography using any referencing or citation format. We want to give you time to handle other academic commitments, more so if you are due for graduation. Writers at will help you in any way possible regarding your dissertation or research paper. has been a trend setter in academic writing for many years. We provide top quality customized annotated bibliography to each client. We offer innovative annotated bibliographies for term papers, dissertations, research papers, and other academic assignments. Our services are available at any time on any day of the week. Feel free to contact us and buy annotated bibliography in any format as we are here to help you open doors to your academic success.

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How Can Help?

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It is a flexible procedure to order our annotated bibliography writing services. You have the option of selecting the sources you would like to be annotated, or our writer can choose sources that are suitable for your subject area and annotate them.  Whichever route you choose to follow, each source will have 100-200 words. This will encourage you to consider your sources content critically and provide evidence that you carried out research, have read and understood the main sources surrounding your topic.

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