Answered Essay: Actions that might provide viable solutions to the problem include a few alternatives. Marilyn can

Actions that might provide viable solutions to the problem include a few alternatives. Marilyn can continue with the launch of the ad and see what that does for her business. She can also shift the focus of the business to where it is performing the best, in which case she could focus on getting into more Co-op type stores or growing her online sales. She could also investigate new markets where spicy foods are commonplace, and engage in a market analysis to see if she might see success in specific locations in the United States or even internationally. Additionally, Cowgirl Chocolates can conduct market research and launch the ‘mild mannered’ idea to try to adapt to the markets preferences instead of trying to get market preferences to adapt to her spicy chocolates.

These actions can be combined with others or eliminated. For example, while trying to launch her mild mannered chocolates locally, she can investigate foreign markets that could allow her to unload her current spicy chocolate inventory, and maybe even establish a new market for those spicy chocolates. If Marilyn sees success with mild mannered chocolates, but spicy chocolates oversees don’t catch anywhere, she can eliminate the spicy chocolates altogether and continue to grow the mild mannered chocolates.

When identifying alternatives, Marilyn must investigate the strengths and weaknesses of Cowgirl Chocolates, and understand what the market is like for these types of products. She has already tried many alternatives for her business, and needs to look at where she is already seeing success and build on that, or conduct an analysis of new markets and products that might allow the company to see the growth Marilyn seeks.

What criteria should be used to evaluate the options listed in the alternatives section? Examine each alternative in terms of each criterion. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of each choice in terms of the criteria? Are the criteria the most valid to this company at this time in this situation?

Expert Answer

The options listed as alternatives and the criteria for evaluating them are below.

1. Continuing with the launch of the ad and watching the after effects, shifting the focus of the division to where it is performing the best,

The criteria for continuing with the launch of ad include the effectiveness of the ad in attracting customers and the expense required. The advertisement will help to attract the customers and the number of customers for the product depends on the effectiveness of the ad . The ad should be able to convey the message behind the product and customers should prefer Cowgirl chocolates among its competitors. Another criterion is cost for the advertisement and with higher cost of ad it will be difficult to continue the process and results into less profit with higher expense. If the cost is within the limit the ad launch can help Marilyn to increase the sales. Conducting ad campaigns will help to add more customers but this cannot be considered as the most suitable method.

2. Shifting the business to where it is performing the best, to more cooperative stores or growing the online business.

Shifting the business to best performing areas depends on criteria customers, growth, financial and internal processes.

Customers are a main factor in evaluating the performance in a market. The method should be able to attract maximum customers. Nowadays online purchasing has become so popular than physical stores and Marilyn can think about expanding the online business to increase customers. But the main concern is that selling of chocolate requires to drag the customer attention through its appearance and this is difficult to achieve in online purchase since customers search for the products which are already in the market and new products takes less customer attention. Selling through cooperative stores can be considered as a good option in best performing areas.

Another criterion is the possibility of growth in the area. If there is no possibility of growth we should not select that method.

Shifting to best performing areas may require more cost and may lead to financial problems. The cost for shifting should be reduced to a minimum level to get the advantage.

Shifting involves a change in the internal processes and the good and bad effects of this change should be analyzed. If it is shifted to online business the company operation should be developed in order to meet the requirements.

3. Investigate new markets where spicy foods are common place.

The criteria involve the customer interest and competitors. The customers’ interest in consuming spicy food should be measured to identify the market. There are more chances of selling spicy chocolates for Marilyn. More interest means greater the selling and increased profit.

Another criterion is the competitor and the degree of competition. The product should be able to attract the customers overcoming the competition to increase the profit. The disadvantage of this method is that if the degree of competition is very high it is very difficult to succeed in the market with same type of product.

4. Launch mild mannered chocolate according to market preference

This method can be evaluated on the customer response and cost to produce chocolates. The customer feedback on mild chocolates can be taken and analyzed to predict the success of this method and the cost involved to produce also should be considered. The product should be able to take the customer attention through some unique features. The advantage of this method is that there is no risk of customer dissatisfaction since it is liked by everyone. Increased cost production can be the disadvantage. The company should organize the materials and production process accordingly.

5. Combining the method by launching mild mannered chocolates locally and spicy chocolates abroad.

This is a very good method that can be adopted. This will help to meet the needs of customers both in local and international market. Criteria include finding the proper market for spicy chocolate and acceptance of the chocolates both locally and internationally according to taste difference. The main advantage of this method is that company can make profit both locally and internationally. The disadvantage that there is chances of failure in foreign markets and need more capital to invest.

The criteria which includes customers, financial criteria, competition and growth are very important for the company to achieve success in the open market. More customers help to grow the company beating competition and less cost for operation lead to more profit for the company.

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