Answered Essay: Create a single NOTEPAD or PDF file that restates the problem in your own words, specifies what input is needed

Create a single NOTEPAD or PDF file that restates the problem in your own words, specifies what input is needed from whomever is using the process, what output is expected, the step by step process (algorithm) to get the output from the input, and test data (input for which you know the expected output for each of the 3 problems given below. (Include all this information in one file) You should not write any code.

Write a process to allow user to convert from English units to metric units. The user should be prompted to choose what type of conversion he/she would like to convert: inches to centimeters, quarts to liters, pounds to kilograms, miles to kilometers, or ounces to grams. The user should be able to choose the conversion by entering a number or a letter. Then the user should be asked to enter the value to be converted. When the user enters a value less than zero for the original measurement, tell him/her that the input is invalid as ask user to enter the value again. Assume the user will not enter an incorrect value more than once.

Expert Answer



Conversion Type: integer: Range(1-10)

Value to be converted: Decimal


Converted Value: Decimal


// prompt user for type of conversion:

output(“Enter 1. for inches to centimeters”)

output(“Enter 2. for centimeters to inches”)

output(“Enter 3. for quarts to liters”)

output(“Enter 4. for liters to quarts”)

output(“Enter 5. for pounds to kilograms”)

output(“Enter 6. for kilograms to pounds”)

output(“Enter 7. for miles to kilometers”)

output(“Enter 8. for kilometers to miles”)

output(“Enter 9. for ounces to grams”)

output(“Enter 10. for grams to ounces”)

// get user input

user_choice = input();

if user_input not in range(1,10):

output(“Invalid input. Try again: “)

user_choice = input();

end if;

output(“Enter the value to be converted: “)

user_input = input();

answer = 0;

if user_choice is equal to 1:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 2.54;


if user_choice is equal to 2:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 0.393701;


if user_choice is equal to 3:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 0.946353;


if user_choice is equal to 4:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 1.05669;


if user_choice is equal to 5:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 0.453592;


if user_choice is equal to 6:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 2.20462;


if user_choice is equal to 7:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 1.60934;


if user_choice is equal to 8:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 0.621371;


if user_choice is equal to 9:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 28.3495;


if user_choice is equal to 10:

answer = user_input mulitplied by 0.035274;


//print the answer


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