Answered Essay: hello guys. I need your help. I just learned python and I need a guidance for my programming projects.

hello guys. I need your help. I just learned python and I need a guidance for my programming projects.


This assignment must be done in Python 3

In this assignment, you will write a client and server application similar to FTP. The client connects to the server and can down-load any file accessible to the server application. Any number of files can be down-loaded and no access control is performed.

More specifically, the client initiates a control connection to the server port (the default port is #5000 if a port number is not given). All commands are sent over this connection. The client supported commands are: listget, and exit. The client will request a list of file names that are available on the server, (list of files in the same directory as the file). The client can ‘get’ a file by entering ‘get filename.ext’. When the client requests to down-load a file using get, the server sends the requested file back. After the client receives the file and saves it to disk, the user should be able to issue another listget or exit command.

Additional requirements:

1.) The client will need to verify that it received the entire file. (Therefore, the server must let the client know the file size before sending it).

a.)The server message will be the in the following format:

‘sending filename.ext size (The size in bytes)’

2.) All connections must be properly closed when the client is finished, i.e. sends: exit.

3.)The server must be able to handle simultaneous requests from multiple clients. (Threads can be used)

4.)The client may ask for a file that the server cannot provide, so the client must be able to respond appropriately with an error message (since the client can obtain a list of files). (No crashing!)

5.)Do not assume a file size, i.e. send the file in chunks of 1024 bytes.

6.)Do not assume ‘localhost’.

7.)The client should put the received file in the same directory as the file (The file could be on a different host).

8.)Test your client and server with other students to see if you have made any assumptions.

9.)If your program does not completely work, it should not crash, the user should receive the message ‘Not Implemented Yet’.

10.) Do not hardcode any port numbers or IP addresses for the client. I should be able to provide the server and port number for the client side using command line arguments. Example: 12001

11.)Do no hardcode any port numbers for the server. To run the program, I will type python3 port_number (or python3 and python3 ipaddress port_number

12.) Don’t do anything that would make your code specific to an operating system, such as windows pathnames, or Unix pathnames.

Submission Instructions:

1.)Turn in 3 files, and README.txt, zipped with your as the title of the assignment. DO NOT ADD ANYTHING ELSE TO THE ZIP FILE NAME.

2.)All functions and variables should have meaningful names.

3.)Use meaningful comments for functions

4.)I will place 3 files, .txt, .jpg, .png in the server directory when I unzip your submission. I will run the server and clients on different machines, so test your applications similarly. (Use Pickle to send objects back and forth, such as lists and non-string objects.)

5.)I will initiate several of your clients at the same time. You should test this also.

6.)The README.txt should:

a.)Let me know if your program is not fully implemented.

b.)Identify whether you developed the application on a Windows, MAC or Unix machine.

c.)Include specific instructions to type on the command line to run your program.

d.)Forewarn of any implementation issues

Expert Answer

pip install pyftpdlib

from pyftpdlib.authorizers import DummyAuthorizer
from pyftpdlib.handlers import FTPHandler
from pyftpdlib.servers import FTPServer

authorizer = DummyAuthorizer()
authorizer.add_user("user", "12345", "/home/username", perm="elradfmw")
authorizer.add_anonymous("/home/username", perm="elradfmw")

handler = FTPHandler
handler.authorizer = authorizer

server = FTPServer(("", 1026), handler)

replace username with your’s

keep in mind that the port number should be greater than 1024 or it will throw an error “socket.error: [Errno 13] Permission denied” because you can’t bind to a port lower than 1024 as you don’t have that right.

for client we are using ftplib module from the official python library

from ftplib import FTP

ftp = FTP('')
ftp.cwd('directory_name') #replace with your directory

def uploadFile():
 filename = 'testfile.txt' #replace with your file in your home folder
 ftp.storbinary('STOR '+filename, open(filename, 'rb'))

def downloadFile():
 filename = 'testfile.txt' #replace with your file in the directory ('directory_name')
 localfile = open(filename, 'wb')
 ftp.retrbinary('RETR ' + filename, localfile.write, 1024)


Note that the port number and ip should be same as the server’s.

Now, run the server script first and then the client script

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