Answered Essay: Instructions Literature Review Paper Worth up to 20 points and 20% of course grade

Literature Review Paper

Worth up to 20 points and 20% of course grade..

The learning outcome of this assignment is to understand how to conduct research on a given topic. Also, the outcome includes the application of your research about strategic human resources planning for your HR practice. Research and staying current on HR related topics is a critical need for an HR practitioner as is the knowledge of how to strategically plan for the Human Resources function.

For this assignment, you are asked to develop a literature review on the topic of strategic human resource management. The paper requires you to develop a short (about three to five pages) document on the current thinking and research in the area of strategic human resource management. You may include examples in your paper about how the Human Resources function creates initiatives that are strategic such as targeted recruitment, a Total Rewards program, engagement studies just to name a few, but the main focus on the paper is on the strategic nature of the Human Resource function.

You want to conduct a scholarly review of the literature, and you must have a minimum of three citations (excluding our course materials). Again, your topic is strategic human resource management but you may provide examples of strategic HR initiatives.

Review the paper provided “Writing a Literature Review Paper.” Keep in mind that a literature review is not merely a bibliographic list of resources. A literature review is your synthesis of the scholarly research available on the subject.

Your literature review can be used to inform management for decisions that are pending and/or serve as a basis for mere knowledge sharing. Literature reviews can be stand-alone documents or parts of a larger document. This assignment is to create a stand-alone literature review. Your literature review must use scholarly references and it must be written in a narrative format synthesizing the research from your citations, which must be in presented in APA format. Be sure to use topic headings such as Introduction, Main Findings and Conclusions. The paper will include at the least the following::

1. Title page

2. Introduction and Purpose of the Paper

3. General Findings of the Research (including definition of the topic)

4. Synthesis of the Findings

5. Conclusions

6. Reference Page


Expert Answer


Strategic Human Resource Management : Literature Review


Example of human resource exercises advertisement arrangements that are arranged by the necessity and have inclinations to make the association ready to acquire its goals is perceived as SHRM. There are two presumptions with this definition, first is about the capacity of association to influence the association’s level of results using their HRM. Second, SHRM is the amalgamation of human resource exercises working in gather instead of single point of view.

These changes put weight on firm to discover novel resource of upper hand. Generally, the field of HRM has been fearful with the investigation of exact human resource operational zones every now and again delegated remuneration, evaluation, preparing and determination by the field of brain science of association and industry.

Past research incorporated the investigation of these specific human resource productive fields as means and ends inside them. In partition from different operations with a significance on the sources of info systems and results or yields especially to the preparation work. Little focus was given to preparing that could work mutually with other human resource capacities. There exist a relationship between proceeded with focused execution or favorable position and HRM. A short dialog of estimation is required to know this relationship.

The human resource framework is comprised of methods of insight, arrangements and works on constituting an resource for the association. The human resource management framework help in inspiration, improvement and securing of human capital and it can be joined with nature of association to acquire one of a kind resource inside the firm. A large portion of the examinations recorded the connection between hierarchical results and human resource management.


There has been some rising examination and feedback in vital human resource management demonstrating that the HRM does really influence corporate and in addition different results. Execution and human resource management are associated with each other and without human resource management, results can’t be gotten adequately. The examinations include single HR hone, work life adjust, HR introduction , and has included high inclusion work framework and superior.

A standout amongst the most unequivocal levels of human resource management is hone level which structures the estimation and deals with the estimation of certain human resource hones, for instance, the usage of regulated inquiries for choosing. Because of its detail this level of estimation is the base summed up across finished different associations. The usage of specific HR practices may fluctuate exceptionally across finished different legitimate factors, for instance, estimate, age, industry et cetera.

Arrangement level is the following level for human resource management framework and it can be measured. It can be characterized as the measures of specific practices into nitty gritty arrangements, for example, HR works on directing standards, HR approaches and HR design. These practices include the reason to pick laborers with high aptitudes set and information. The most elevated amount of human resource management which can be measured is engineering level.

This level shows the estimation of methods of insight, values and controlling standards related to human resource management inside an association. These methods of insight or qualities vary from association to association are believed to be more broad. Approaches and practices are driven by human resource methods of insight, for example, degree at this level might be the nearness of an all inclusive perspective of contracting laborers who can be fit into the way of life or firm.

In the circumstances like high level of speculation, this level of estimation is generally suitable. There is contrast of objectives, age, industry and size of every independent company. Along these lines, it is basic while estimation of human resource management in private venture to choose one of the levels of estimation of HRM that is general over this fluctuated set of associations. HR offices and related exercises are currently considered as the basic part of the esteem and brand of the association.

In the level of multifaceted nature of human resource framework, private ventures have propensity to shift extraordinarily. HR regularly does not have committed human resource worker or human resource office .every one of the organizations comprehend the human resource rehearses diversely as per their prerequisite. It can’t be same for every one of the organizations since all work in various area and change in measure. For instance, if HR division of any association having just 5 individuals does not need formalized choice framework. Estimation of the managed upper hand, upper hand and ward variable is most broad through execution comes about. Human resource management impacts the association at various levels which begins from guide effect to human resource affect.

Measures of human resource management would incorporate things as worker turnover, representative optional practices, and occupation fulfillment. Estimation at this stage would involve: client managements, work profitability, speed, quality, and yield levels.HR influences the specialists which along these lines influence the capacities which would then thusly influence efficient execution. To quantify this level, apparatuses, for example, incomes, benefit of association execution as market act because of the pointers gave by monetary and results which consequently would influence measures of execution of other market or stock.

There is a noteworthy test before SHRM which is about the foundation of steady, sound and clear build for the execution of association. There are utilized distinctive sort of research that connections HRM and execution. Fast development is being made in the field of vital human resource management including exercises like remuneration, terminating and contracting. They help in limiting the cost and augmenting the estimation of the association. An expanding distraction has seen in both practice and research connecting execution of association to HRM.


Key human resource management is utilized to dissect and recognize outer open door and dangers which are fundamental to know for the accomplishment of any association. Vision for the future and an unmistakable business methodology can be acquired with the assistance of key human resource management. It helps in inspiring, holding and repeating human resource and ensure that individuals improvement issues are being considered efficiently. High efficiency additionally can be guaranteed with the guide of SHRM.

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