Answered Essay: Liposuction is a technique liar removing fat deposits from various areas of the body. How many


Liposuction is a technique liar removing fat deposits from various areas of the body. How many liters of fat would have to be removed to result in a 5.0 lb weight loss? The density of human fat is 0.94 g/mL. What dosage in grams per kilogram of body weight does a 130 lb woman receive if she takes two 250 mg tablets of penicillin? How many 125 mg tablets should a 40 lb child take to receive the same dosage? Approximately 75 mL of blood is pumped by a normal human heart at each beat. Assuming an average pulse of 72 beats per minute, how many milliliters of blood are pumped in one day? How many gallons is this? A doctor has ordered that a patient be given 15 g of glucose, which is available in a concentration of 50.00 g glucose/1000.0 mL of solution. What volume of solution should be given to the patient? In a typical person, the level of glucose (also known as blood sugar) is about 85 mg/100 mL of blood. If an average body contains about 11 pints of blood, how many grams and how many pounds of glucose are present in the blood? A patient is receiving 3000 mL/day of a solution that contains 5 g of dextrose (glucose) per 100 mL of solution. If glucose provides 4 kcal/g of energy, how many kilocalories per day is the patient receiving from the glucose?

Expert Answer


#10. Given,

Mass of fat to be removed = 5.0 lb                                   ; [1 lb = 0.453592 kg]

= 5 x (0.453592 kg)

2.26796 kg

Density of body fat = 0.94 g/ mL = 0.94 kg/ L               ; [1 g = 10-3 kg ; 1 mL = 10-3 L]


Volume of fat to be removed = Mass of fat to be removed / density

= 2.26796 kg / (0.94 kg/ L)

2.413 L

#11. Weight of woman = 130 lb = 58.967 kg

Mass of penicillin taken = 2 tablets x (Mass / Tablet)

= 2 tablet (250 mg/ talet)

= 500 mg

0.500 g


Dosage taken = Total mass of penicillin / Weight of woman

= 0.500 g / 58.967 kg

0.00848 g/ kg body weight

# Weight of child = 40 lb = 18.1437 kg

Total mass of penicillin required for him = Weight of child x prescribed dosage

= 18.1437 kg x (0.00848 g / kg)

0.154 g


No. of tablets required = Required mass of penicillin / (Mass / tablet)

= 0.154 g / (0.250 g/ tablet)

= 0.616 tablet

(1/2) or half a tablet, approx..

#12. No. of minutes in a day = (60 min/ hr) x (24 hr/ day) = 1440 min/ day

Total blood volume pumped in a day = Blood flow rate x heart pump rate x minutes

= (75 mL/ beat) x (72 beats/ min) x (1440 min/ day)

= 7776000 mL/ day

7776.0 L /day

2054.202 gal/ day                                  ; [1 L = 0.264172 gal]

#13. Volume of solution required = Mass of glucose needed / Conc. of solution

= 15 g / (50 g / 1000 mL)

300 mL

#14. Volume of blood in human body = 11 pints                       ; [1 pint = 473.176 mL]

= 11 x (473.176 mL)

5204.94 mL


Amount of blood glucose = glucose content of blood x Volume of blood in body

= (85 mg/ 100 mL) x 5204.94 mL

= 4424.199 mg

4.42 g                                 ; [1 g = 0.00220462 lb]

0.00974 lb

#15. Total mass of glucose received per day =

Volume received per day x concentration of glucose solution

= (3000 mL/ day) x (5 g/ 100 mL)

150 g/ day


kcal received from glucose = Amount of glucose received x energy content of glucose

= (150 g/ day) x (4 kcal/ g)

600 kcal/ day

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