Answered Essay: MARKETING PRELIMINARY IMC NOTES I.        IMC Concept – the integration and coordination



I.        IMC Concept – the integration and coordination of the promotion mix to deliver a clear,
consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its product (the careful     coordination of all promotional messages for a product or a service to assure the consistency      of messages at every contact point where accompany meets the consumer)

II.       Promotion (Communication) Mix

A.    Personal selling – “Oral presentation in a conversation with one or more prospective
purchasers for the purpose of making a sale” (a purchase situation involving a personal
paid-for communication between two people in an attempt to influence each other)

                Mass Selling

B.    Advertising – “Any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas,
goods or services by an identified sponsor” (impersonal, one-way mass communication
about a product or organization that is paid for by a marketer)

C.    Sales Promotion – “Short term incentives to encourage the purchase or sale of a product
or service” (marketing activities – other than personal selling, advertising, and public
relations – that stimulate consumer buying and dealer effectiveness)

D.    Publicity – “Non-paid forms of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods and services”
(public information about a company, product, service, or issue appearing in the mass
media as a news item)

E.    Word-of-Mouth – “The passing of information by verbal means, especially
recommendations, but also general information, in an informal, person-to-person manner”

a.     Perspective – Word of mouth is typically considered a face-to-face spoken
communication, although phone conversations, text messages sent via SMS          and web
dialogue, such as online profile pages, blog posts, message board threads, instant
messages and emails are often now included in the definition

b.     Facilitation – 1)             Agents – volunteers, 2) Advertising – tell a friend, 3) Sales
Promotion and Direct Selling – referral incentives, and 4) Personal Selling –
relationship management

F.     Direct Marketing – “Direct communication with carefully targeted individual consumers to
obtain an immediate response” (techniques used to get consumers to make a purchase
from their home, office, or another nonretail setting)

G.    Events and Experiences – “company/organization sponsored activities and programs
designed to create daily or special brand-interactions”

NPO and Social Enterprise Consideration

1) La Habra Art Association (1955) 2) La Habra Boys & Girls Club (1958), 3) Friends of La Habra Library (1965), 4) H.B.I.C. (1967), 5) The Gary Center (1971), 6) La Habra Meals On Wheels (1974), 7) La Habra Depot Theatre (1976), 8) La Habra Children’s Museum (1977), 9) Rosie’s Garage, Inc. (1990), and 10) Advance! (2004)

Promotion/Communication Mix Components

IMC Concept/Strategy

Integration and coordination of the promotion mix to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about
the organization and its product/service

        Careful coordination of all promotional messages for a product or a service to assure the consistency of
messages at every contact point where a company meets the client/contributor

Personal Selling                                                                                    Direct Marketing

Sales presentations                                                                                 Catalogs

        Sales meetings                                                                                        Mailings

        Conventions                                                                                            Telemarketing

        Incentives programs                                                                               Electronic shopping

        Intermediary training                                                                               TV shopping

        Samples                                                                                                  Fax

        Fairs and trade shows                                                                            Email

                                                                                                                        Voice mail



Advertising                                                                                            Publicity

Print                                                                                                         Press kits

        Broadcast                                                                                                Speeches

        Narrowcast                                                                                              Seminars

        Packaging (outer and inserts)                                                                 Reports

        Movies                                                                                                     Philanthropic support

        Brochures and booklets                                                                          Publications

        Posters                                                                                                    Networking associations

        Leaflets                                                                                                    Service clubs

        Directories                                                                                               Organization newsletters and/or magazines

        Reprints                                                                                           Word-of-Mouth

        Billboards                                                                                                 Person-to-person

        Bench                                                                                                      Chat rooms

        Point-of-purchase                                                                                    Blogs

        Audiovisual                                                                                      Events and Experiences

Sales Promotion                                                                                           Sports

Contests, sweepstakes, or games                                                          Entertainment

        Premiums                                                                                                Festivals

        Sampling                                                                                                 Arts

        Trade shows, fairs, or exhibits                                                                Causes

        Demonstrations                                                                                       Facility tours



        Deferred payment and/or low-interest rates


        Trade-in allowances

        Continuity programs



Non-Profit Organization (NPO) – “is a legally constituted organization whose objective is to support or engage in activities of public or private interest without any commercial or monetary profit. NPOs are active in the arts, environment, humanitarian aid, animal protection, education, social issues, charities, health care, politics, religion, research, sports or other endeavors.”

Social Enterprise – “are social mission driven organizations which trade in goods or services for a social purpose; the more businesslike end of the spectrum of not-for-profit organizations” (e.g., Goodwill Industries, Habitat for Humanity, Second Harvest and The Nature Conservancy)





Expert Answer



Integrated marketing communication

Review in detail the definition of integrated marketing communications.

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is the consistent application of brand messaging across traditional and non-traditional marketing modes and making use of diverse promotional approaches to support each other (Pickton and Amanda 22). With the numerous modes, customers can make purchases since marketers have various opportunities to create a media mix that establishes a greater customer loyalty. IMC is an all-inclusive method to marketing communication. It targets to ascertain message and the complementary use of media’s consistency. The IMC concept comprises of both online and offline marketing modes in which online marketing are modes such as e-marketing campaigns and programs, and email, banner to latest web related channels for webinar, blog, micro-blogging, RSS, podcast, and Internet TV. On the other hand, offline marketing modes are traditional print such as newspapers, magazines, mail, public relations, billboard, television, and radio (Pickton and Amanda 23-24).

In implementing IMC programs; all the departments of the organizations should be incorporated to make the program a success. The organization must work as one unit irrespective of specializations in advertising, public relations, or database specialists to work towards the same goals of the organization (Kotler and Keller 222). When all departments are better informed about company’s product or service plans, employees are able to play a part in marketing creativities, and they stay focused on assisting the organization grow its critical customer foundation (Pickton and Amanda 27).

Having a Gotv decoder in my company that requires marketing and I as the marketing manager, I think I will prefer using the direct mode of marketing the product to other modes. From the recent research, I carried out; found out that in the contemporary world, both companies and the customers prefer making direct sales from the organizations. The reason as to why I will embrace the direct mode is the fact that in comparison to other modes, direct marketing mode is cheaper and quicker to the company in its implementation. I also found that, customers prefer direct marketing and sales because they gain a direct link to the company without involving a third party such as sales and marketing persons. Customers feel that they are advantaged in having direct connection to the company in accessing information that is not biased or rather exaggerated. Direct marketing will help the company save on the cost that we have always incurred in marketing for instance when using sales person who require many resources to make the process successful (Pickton and Amanda 30). The money that otherwise could be used to pay the sales person or perhaps advertising can be used to deliver the products upon the customer’s request to be supplied. I think direct marketing is much more efficient, cost effective as well as quicker compared to the other that are tedious, cumbersome, and costly, and time consuming.

Work Cited

Kotler, Philip, and Kevin Lane Keller. Framework for marketing management.     Pearson, 2009.

Pickton, David, and Amanda Broderick. Integrated marketing communications. Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2001.

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