How to Write a Business Term Paper

What is a Term Paper?

A term paper is an assignment based on research that students are required to write at the end of every academic term. The students should write this paper very well as it accounts for a large part of their grade. The process of writing a term paper involves choosing a term paper topic, researching for information, and writing the paper following a specific outline.

Difference between a Term Paper and a Research Paper

Many students think that a term paper and a research paper are the same, essentially, they are two different things. The two papers share similar features but they have some distinct differences.

Generally, a student writes a term paper to demonstrate what he/she has acquired or learned in a particular subject. A term paper is assigned at the end of an academic term and accounts for a significant percentage of the student’s final exam. The term paper is usually 3,000-5,000 words in length. It allows for a critical evaluation of current topics and generally allows for the writer’s point of view. A term paper contains persuasions and/or arguments that should be sustained with facts obtained from various reliable sources, such as textbooks, scholarly magazines, or academic papers.

A research paper is an academic study conducted with the intention of answering theoretical questions. When writing a research paper, the student is expected to interpret the information provided and convert it into a significant paper. Most research papers have a 5,000-word length but your instructor may provide other instructions.

In both types of papers, the topic may be provided by the instructor or left to the student to decide. In both instances, reference materials and research are necessary, and it is important to create an outline before trying to write the final draft.

The main difference between a research paper and a term paper is that a research paper is assigned at any time, but a term paper is usually written at the end of an academic term.

How to Choose a Business Term Paper Topic

With many businesses in existence today, there are a number of potential business term paper topics you can explore. This is why it can be a daunting task to choose a suitable term paper topic for most students. You have two ways to do this – write on a topic provided by your professor, or choose a topic that best suits your interests following the criteria below:

  • The significance of a term paper topic. It implies that while writing a business term paper, your efforts should not be in vain. Select a topic that will make your research work have practical, social or scientific relevance. The eventual purpose of research on business is to seal gaps in the business areas of information and knowledge. Besides, your term paper in business objective is to help the reader better understand the world of business by answering questions. Therefore, make contributions to the business theory and/or business community.
  • The viability of a term paper topic. When searching for a business term paper topic, you may encounter some research questions that were expansively covered and some that cannot be practically answered. Therefore, your topic should be manageable based on the background of your term paper. The source of information (either digital archives or published sources) should enable you explore a business topic extensively. Formulate a research question that is not too narrow nor too wide.
  • The uniqueness of a research topic. For a research to achieve high academic standards, students should provide only significant and original thoughts and ideas, which is a requirements in all institutions. Practically, although all research projects undergo a plagiarism check at all levels to check for originality, students do not consider this for their term paper topics. When choosing a business topic, ensure that it has not been explored before, especially by your professor. If you choose to investigate a similar topic, you can explore it using other procedures, techniques, research methods, etc.

Business Term Paper Structure

All the prior standards of selecting a research-worthy topic are intended to contribute to your business term paper only is you are capable of reflecting the research ideas through a well-written content. But, what steps ensure that your term paper is well-written? Stick to a structure and ensure proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. A term paper structure contains several sections that you need to evaluate in detail before starting to tackle each of them.

  1. Title Page

The appearance of a title page will depend on the formatting style you are required to use, that is, Harvard, MLA, or APA. As a simple rule, the title page should contain the title of the work itself, student’s name, the course, and the professor’s name. Sometimes, you can include the date on the title page.

  1. Table of Contents

To make it easy to make reference to the work, an academic paper should contain a table of contents. The term paper also needs the outline of all the content including the headings and subheadings, each stated with suitable page numbers. We recommend creating this table at the end of the paper as it will be well-prepared by then. If you fail to do this, you will constantly be changing page numbers, which will confuse you.

  1. Abstract

An abstract is a concise overview of the primary points in your business term paper. Generally, an abstract takes half or more of a page. This is the part where you reveal the aim and scope of your writing (for instance, to evaluate the business trends in a specific industry), the research methods used to make or analyze an experiment, and the main results and findings. In short, you have to include the most important information about the entire term paper in an abstract. If you find it difficult to summarize your term paper, look through every written section when you complete it. Emphasize some significant points that would assist readers to resolve if it is appropriate for their research interests.

  1. Introduction

When writing a term paper introduction, you should include the following:

  • Your research study background, what is done or known in the specified field of study.
  • The general statement of your research question, that is, what you will research
  • The major purpose of the work, what you aim to achieve
  • The importance of the research topic, why you choose the specific topic and how the study will contribute to future research
  • The research methods to use, what you will use to achieve the purpose
  • Your thesis statement, the major argument on the research issue
  • Definition of terms, if required
  1. Body

This is the most comprehensive part of the business term paper.  Essentially, the main organization of the term paper focuses on the main body paragraphs – how they link in the entire flow of thoughts. How do you structure the body sections of a term paper?

  • Literature review. It is a critical evaluation, summary, and description of all sources of information that are relevant to a specific issue being evaluated in your business term paper. The best way to conduct a literature review is to deduce old materials and relate them to new ones. But, the business studies field is relatively young in research and you may have to investigate some emerging issues. It would be better to investigate the sources of information and advise the reader on the most relevant or pertinent research in the field under investigation.
  • Methodology. This section describes how the research data is obtained and the methods used to explore a research problem. Business studies may have a vast number of research methods. Your instructor wants to see that you comprehend the application of those methods.
  • Results. This is the part where you include the findings you obtained during the entire research process. If you have many results to provide, it would be better to present them as graphs, figures, tables, etc. do not provide the data outside the research question so as not to confuse your readers. Leave this for future research.
  • Discussion. Here, you should explain the findings and their relevance in the research area. Can the findings fill current gaps in the field? State how they can do this. It should be an interpretation based on evidence, but not an overall description.
  1. Conclusion

This is the part where you provide a brief evaluation and summary of the entire term paper. It should also include a statement on whether the objectives of the research have been met and why the research in business studies should be a concern to the students. You can also include some suggestions that you consider to be relevant for future research.

  1. References List

You must cite all the sources you use in the business term paper on an individual page known as a Reference List (APA) or Works Cited (MLA). Be keen on the format required for your paper since the references list also contributes significantly to the final mark. The list appears at the end of the paper and the sources are arranged in alphabetical order.

  1. Proofread and Edit

As the only author of your business term paper, it is not easy to spot errors. Moreover, some slight mistakes can occur to even really experienced writers. This is why you should not ignore such an important step as editing and proofreading. It may seem like a simple thing to peruse through the text, but you need intense focus and too much attention to detail to fix all potential errors in format style or in grammar.

Due to this, we have specialists who are proficient in editing and proofreading academic works requiring a lot of skills and attention – they are known as proofreaders/editors. But, if you choose to proofread your term paper by yourself, you better do it like a professional:

  • Remove all potential distraction like tablets or smartphones
  • Revise the work on paper instead of on screen
  • Read the paper out loud word by word and use a pencil to point to each single word
  • Check for accuracy (sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, etc.)
  • Authenticate names and numerical data used in the business term paper

Write a Business Term Paper

How to Begin a Term Paper

To begin writing a term paper, you need to read the methodological suggestions that were provided by your professor. If no suggestions exist, you can obtain them from the library or the curator of the institution. For a business term paper, it is essential to not only provide quality research and informative content, but also the proper format of the paper. Today, there are various common requirements, however, many universities have individual standards. In such a case, you will be provided with a comprehensive guide or book an appointment with your professor to obtain answers to your queries.

We have provided you with a guide to writing a business term paper. However, it is crucial to understand that the requirements of formatting can differ. For instance, the MLA format does not require a cover page. But the APA format term paper requires a title page, an abstract, main body and background information. This is what we mean when we say that it is essential to be familiar with the requirements.

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