How to Write a Classification Essay in Healthcare

What is a Classification Essay?

A classification essay is a type of academic paper that classifies objects, characters, or ideas with shared characteristics into particular categories or groups. This is common type of essay requested in colleges and universities.

The purpose of a classification essay is to break down expansive subjects into smaller, more specific, and more manageable parts. We classify items in our daily lives often without thinking about it. Smaller categories, and the way in which they are created, help the world make sense. When writing a healthcare classification essay, keep these elements in mind.

The healthcare discipline is essential for students as it gives them the right information about their health as people are nowadays are obsessed with inventing outrageous ways to cure disease, lose weight, and improve their general health condition.

How to Structure a Classification Essay

One of the principal thinks to put into consideration when learning the process of writing a classification essay in healthcare is the essay structure. The standard classification essay structure consists of five paragraphs, but you are free to include more paragraphs as appropriate.

  1. The Introductory Paragraph

The introduction is the start point of any type of essay. In this section, clearly identify your subject, for example, types of eating disorders, so explain the topic you will categorize. You can also provide your readers with an explanation of the objective of your classification essay. What is the purpose of categorizing the items? Lastly, you should conclude your introduction with a thesis statement. The thesis will identify your groups and probably provide a brief explanation of the standards for each of them.

  1. Main Body Paragraphs

The main body of an essay should at least have three paragraphs. For each paragraph, deal with a different category. Begin by explaining the standards for each and probably talk about their strengths and weaknesses. Do not forget to provide relevant examples. Depending on the number of words in your paragraphs, you may wish to make them shorter. This is acceptable as long as you have clear transitions as you move to the next category.

  1. Conclusion

This is the final paragraph where you bring together all the categories as you presented them in the body of the classification essay in healthcare. It is in order to provide a brief summary of each category. Depending on the topic, you can recommend one over the others, but if you do this, ensure that you explain why you have arrived at that conclusion.

The conclusion enables the writer to combine all approaches used for evaluation. You can include your observations and identify similarities and differences from the others. If, for some reason, you were unable to examine something, suggest further research and new ways of handling this data.

It is also reasonable to link the introduction to the conclusion by restating information from the introduction, such as the thesis statement. This is more like a recap of what has been discussed before. Before you submit the essay, it is advisable to reread it days before the deadline to give you sufficient time to correct any mistakes.

Prewriting and Purpose

Even the best writer, student or a professional, prewrites the classification essay before they write the first draft. A classification essay requires creation of categories, therefore, prewriting for a classification essay in healthcare involves categorizing items in different ways to discover the categories that make the most sense for the intended purpose.

An integral part of building useful groupings is identifying the different ways that you can group the items. For example, a list of eating disorders may be grouped in different ways, depending on their severity. Ensure that the groupings you generate have a single basis of classification and the groups suits the categories you recommend. For example, if you are writing about types of eating disorders as the main group, categories may include “women and adolescents”.

Develop a Thesis Statement

Once you settle on a group, purpose, and categories, generate a thesis statement that achieves the following:

  • Names the things or group of people you intend to classify
  • Explains the source of the grouping
  • Labels the categories you have generated

Ordering Categories

Order is how you organize your ideas to demonstrate how they relate to each other. For instance, it is common practice to organize facts and discussion points starting with the most important to the least important and vice versa, or from the oldest to the most current, and vice versa. There is no right or wrong way, use an ordering procedure that best suits your purpose and the information you are dealing with.

Signal Words

The following are common transitions or signal phrases typically used in classification papers:

  • can be divided into…
  • classified according to…
  • in this category…
  • is categorized by…
  • several kinds of…
  • this type of…

The phrases indicate to the reader that you intend to sort and divide things. Transitions also contribute to the harmony of the paper.  Classification requires the writer to discover or invent abstract categories, enforce them on a tangible whole, and obtain something new. You can actually achieve this is you do not skip the brainstorming stage. Remember that the aim is not clinical dissection, the purpose of classification is to discover and communicate something meaningful.

The Writing Process

  1. Choose a Topic

Your topic should not be too narrow or too wide. This is a common mistake that can lead to the essay being boring and dragged at times or your classifications not being very distinctive. Therefore, pick a familiar topic and one that you are interested in. the following are classification essay topics in healthcare.

  • Types of healthcare jobs
  • Eating disorders types
  • Threats to the wellbeing of the modern person
  • Strategies to prevent heart diseases
  • Mental disorders in the US
  1. Brainstorm Ideas

The most effects brainstorming methods are:

  • Listing ideas. Note even the wildest ideas that pop up in your mind. Do not let punctuation, spelling and grammar stop your flow of ideas.
  • Cluster diagram. Highlight the most viable ideas and create branches from them. Identify lies to related ideas.
  • Write – Again. Write everything again but this time in the form of structured text. Do not attempt to craft an accurate outline. Set a time limit and write everything that comes to your mind.

Furthermore, the brainstorming technique is especially efficient with healthcare discipline as we apply it in our daily lives.

  1. Select an Outline and Purpose.

Look at your ideas with an investigative eye and highlight the ones that suit the purpose. A classification essay outline looks like this:

  • The introduction
  • A description of the first group
  • A description of the second group
  • A description of the third group
  • A conclusion
  1. Write your First Draft

You should be aware that you don’t have to start writing your classification essay with an introduction. Some students prefer writing several paragraphs simultaneously. Do not be limited to writing in a certain order with the perception that ‘this is how it’s done’.

  1. Obtain Feedback

Ask a family member or any of your peers to read your draft and offer constructive criticism to help improve the essay.

  1. Reread, Rethink, and Rewrite

As another person reads your draft, you should also reread it to identify areas that need improving. Incorporate ideas from your peers and add new but relevant ideas as well.

  1. Write and Proofread the Final Draft

When you finish writing your classification essay, read it aloud. As you revise it, check if you can improve the quality and clarity of your writing by including transition phrases and words. Without transitions, the text has no relationships among ideas and it is also arid. Transitions enable the smooth running of the text, improve coherence, and enhance the flow of the essay.

Classification Essay Writing Tips

  • Among the most challenging things in any form of essay writing is generating a thesis statement. Ideally, a good thesis statement should consist of the topic of the essay and how you will classify it. It is not mandatory to list all the classified elements, it is enough to only indicate the standard you use in the paper. For example, you can say: “There are six types of eating disorders: a, b, c …” This will make it clear to your audience what you will discuss in the classification essay.
  • It is paramount to use transition phrases in your body paragraphs. The most popular transition words or phrases are; in terms of, in regard to, lastly, initially, firstly, subsequently, etc.
  • Many students make the mistake of writing a lot of content thinking that this will guarantee the success of their classification essay. Another common mistake is applying too many components of a classified item. It is much better to choose less, but define them properly, there is no need to choose five or seven elements, but have little to say about them.
  • Avoid mixing different classification criteria. You cannot start writing about eating disorders and then move to talking about lifestyle diseases.
  • To assist your readers to maintain focus on different categories and pronounce upcoming categories, the following phrases can be used for transition between paragraphs: are classified, the last category, the first group.
  • Before you choose a topic, prewrite. This will help you choose the right topic. Choose a topic, identify the purpose of the classification, and create several examples.

Components of Classification Essays

When handling classification essay topics, the following paper components should be of outmost importance:

  • The set under classification
  • The standard or scheme of choice for categorizing the set
  • The classes holding the sets

The Set

When considering a set for your classification essay, you should ensure that the sets have similar features. In other words, the sets must be distinctive from things that are outside the set. For example, in biology, living organisms are grouped as sets but non-living things are outside the set.

The Scheme

Another component of classification essays is the principle or scheme of selection. This one adheres to the criteria of function, standard type, or quality when choosing the components for each class. For example in biology, classification of living organisms hangs on qualities and the life process. The efficiency of a scheme of the standard of selection rests on relevance, significance, or valued way to comprehend the set of things under consideration.

The Classes

When writing classification essays, you should also consider the classes’ component. Writing about class involves starting with the description of the descriptor, identification features of a class member and distinguish them from other members from different classes. The next step is to include the representative examples of the class. When discussing the class, you should examine the value of the class and compare and contrast the class with others within the scheme. For example, in biology, there are numerous references to what makes members of a particular class distinguishable from other members in different classes. It is for this reason that a writer uses description in a classification essay as well as compare and contrast, examples, definition, and narration modes as approaches in a classification.

Avoid the following mistakes when writing a custom classification essay

It is human nature to make mistakes. Students are no exception as they also make mistakes when writing their assignment. It is therefore essential to point out potential pitfalls that students make when writing classification essays. Developing classification essay topics entails being careful with the way you use the set, scheme, and classes. During the classification essay writing process, pay attention to the following to avoid mistakes:

  • Confusing Modes

Often, students write example essays when required to write classification essays. When tackling classification essay topics, you must use examples that describe a class. You must have a defined class that is clearly explained from the start and the integrated examples provided as an illustration of the class.

  • Lack of Support

To write successful classification essays, you should have identified a class describing the exceptional features of a class. Every group member should belong to one class, and each class should contain more than one member. Make sure that each body paragraph talks about the class under consideration as the subject and the way they fit into the selection principle. The supporting sentences should define the class or members of the class. The sentences should also give examples of the members best suited for the class or describe the stories that illustrate the association of the members within the class.

  • Having too Many Categories

This mistake occurs when students are creating classification essays. The use of too many categories obstructs the main idea and the classification criteria. Your essay can easily turn into just a listing and fail to demonstrate your generalization skills. To understand more about this, you should consult your supervisor. Furthermore, you can look for examples of classification essays to help you understand more about this.

  • Using Rare Categories

One of the worst mistakes a writer can use is to use fewer categories for their classification essays. The outcome is the omission of a significant type of object, thus impacting the objective of your classification essay in healthcare.

  • Lack of a Cohesive Classification Criterion

You should have a good classification governing principle if you want your essay to be clear enough. If you fail to do this, your audience will not comprehend what you are trying to communicate.

  • Use of Uneven Number of Examples in the Classification Essay

This is another common mistake made by students. Using an uneven number of illustrations in a classification essay makes other categories look less significant.

Structural and Language Mistake

A successful classification essay is one that is well-structured. A good classification essay structure starts at the sentence level and also the paragraph level. Here, you can classify mistakes that relate to the sentence structure and also those that affect the whole classification essay structure.

  • Sentence Structure

Fragments and run-on sentences are common issues with classification essays and other essays in general. A fragment is an incomplete structure that lacks the subject-predicate unit. This means that the sentence does not suitably express the idea even when it begins with a capital letter and ends with a punctuation mark. The fragments cannot work in text by themselves but have to be incorporated to the subject-predicate unit therein.

When dealing with run-on sentences in a classification essay, they have two subject-predicate units combined by without proper punctuation or a conjunction. This will only serve to confuse the audience, and for you to make sense, you should add a conjunction or create two separate sentences.

  • Text Structure

This mistake occurs when there is poor paragraph coordination in the classification essay. Here, paragraphs sound less significant than ideas, however, in the absence of text structure, the meaning of the entire essay will be distorted. The organization of a classification essay must achieve a goal. In other words, arrange the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion in a way that creates a noble meaning. This makes your essay easy to read.

Final Words

Writing classification essays is challenging to most students. If you are among those facing difficulties, contact for professional custom classification essay writing services. Our writers are experienced and qualified to write a successful classification essay in healthcare for you.

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