How to Write a Composition Essay in Criminal Law

How to Write a Composition Essay in Criminal Law
How to Write a Composition Essay in Criminal Law

A composition can be defined as many writings depending on the circumstances and the purpose. It comprises of narratives, short stories, poetry and essays. Usually, the student understands what is expected of them after meeting with a curator. The meeting will be about format, requirements, topics, and so on. But, this does not always work. Some professors do not provide any explanations or ideas to students, making them improvise.

Poetry involves freely written verses while short stores are first person or third person prose fiction telling a real or imaginary experience of one character. Narratives are individual stories that the writer dedicates to their own life. The essay, which is our focus for today, is an analysis, research, or story of a selected topic, usually, on one subject meant to reveal results, new details, or prove facts. Criminal law rarely requires students to apply all composition types, however, an essay is your best choice when you have not been provided or don’t know the writing format to use.

Writing a Composition Essay in Criminal Law – Subject Identification

Criminal law students may find this to be quite complex as there are many classes, fields, and a wide variety of topics discussed. Often, criminal law is mistaken with criminal justice. Criminal law is related to the law body while criminal justice relates to the enforcement of the law to criminals. Consequently, it somehow resembles light ice, which can land you in trouble when you choose the wrong composition essay topics.

Let us look at some examples of composition essay topics in criminal law that can help you in the future.

  • A Right to Defence – Talk about rights that pertain to people who commit crimes, how they protect themselves with or without legal assistance etc.
  • Constitution – There is no limit with this option. You can pick any law and talk about its relevance, or lack of it. If your curator allows it, you can generate a list of stupid laws that have no relation to justice.
  • Cybercrimes – Choose email services or social networks as instruments to promote violence, racism, or distribute drugs.
  • False Confessions – Choose one or two instances when victims made false connections, and how it determined their sentence. If not, talk about why people hide the truth even when they are at risk of life sentences.
  • Human Trafficking – This will need instant attention and an analysis of the phenomenon today. Find out ways that the police can use to reveal offenders or prevent such intentions.
  • Involuntary Manslaughter – Can one prove that he is not guilty?
  • Tax Fraud – Are there repercussions for people who fail to remit their taxes, and how can they be persuaded to pay taxes.
  • Terrorist Attacks – How to identify and avert them.
  • Timely Arrests – How are offenders restricted in terms of migration and moving? What actions are taken? How does this violate their freedom?

A point to note is that students are better off avoiding topics about the general perception of criminal law. Although it demonstrates your knowledge about the subject, that’s all it achieves as it is considered as an easily manageable topic. Lastly, you only have to select your area of interest. For example, if you plan to pursue a career in Criminal Law, it would be better to begin investigating the drawbacks or obstacles that emerge from the topic.

Planning your Composition in Criminal Law

You can start writing in different ways. The first method is by asking questions. If you choose False Confessions as a composition topic, you can follow the scheme below:

  • Why? What is your reason for choosing this topic? What is its relevance to the subject? How can you prove your point to your reader?
  • What? What will be the contents of your essay? What materials will you use to research and analyze the issue?
  • How? How will you locate supporting evidence or facts to support your opinion? How will you change your reader’s mind about your chosen topic? How many hours per day will you set aside for writing?
  • When? Which is the best time to begin writing? When will you edit and proofread?

As it is evident above, the questions lay the groundwork for your creative writing of a composition essay in criminal law. Stating these questions will help you understand if you can cope with the topic and the task ahead, and the amount of time you will need to succeed.

Criminal Law Composition Outline

A pre-writing technique relating to the development of a composition essay is an outline. Having such a method is useful as it displays the essay’s strong and weak points and helps the student figure out the information to add to the text. An outline is also useful in assisting the writer develop a map of the essay. A structure of the criminal law essay will help the student maintain focus and pay attention only to the main ideas of the project. When you stick to an outline, you will avoid being distracted by less significant aspects and apply all resources to successfully analyze the case study. Furthermore, writing an essay outline can help in developing various ideas that can be expounded and added to the criminal law composition essay.

In reality, you will have to follow the instructions provided by your professor concerning the formatting and structure of a composition essay in Criminal Law. But, the standard structure of an essay has the following components:

  • Title page
  • Abstract (if necessary)
  • Introduction
  • At least three body paragraphs
  • Analysis of sources
  • Conclusion
  • Reference page

Each section of a Criminal Law essay should have specific information corresponding to the essay format and the instructor’s requirements.

Composition Essay in Criminal Law Format

  • The length of the composition essay should be 500-800 words in length
  • Use Times New Roman, 12 with one-inch margins


You have to introduce your composition to the reader. Mention what you will discuss, explain its relevance, and whether you will reveal any new information concerning the subject. Indicate your attitude towards the topic. To make the introduction interesting, try playing with a hook or a thesis. Criminal Law is not a subject for fun, so avoid using anecdotes in your hooking statement. However, you can present your consenting or contemptuous opinion concerning the topic. The introduction should be between 100-150 words.

Main Body

To begin writing the main part of a composition essay, refer to the main ideas you outlines before. Make sure that you support each point with evidence; otherwise, your ideas will be seen to be biased. You can attach real life examples, quotes from credible sources, statistics, or facts for more show.

Normally, you should have 8-10 points divided into three subparagraphs. Organize them in a way such that each subparagraph hols one ides and one supporting evidence.

Avoid referring too much on ME, I. Your individual stand should be revealed at the end of the composition essay. Besides, be cautious with logical transitions. Lead the reader to disclose a final truth by not jumping through the lines.


Restate your thesis statement in this paragraph. If your essay has more than 500 words, briefly restate your main points and the outcome. Do not add new information or irrelevant wordy phrases just to meet the paper word count. If you do this, your professor will underline the phrases and place an interrogation mark.

Do not forget to include a call to action, quotation, or warning before you conclude the paper. State your opinion and do not apologize for taking that particular stand. Lastly, provoke the reader for additional food for thought.

How to Write a Composition Essay in Criminal Law

A composition essay in criminal law purposes to convince individuals on a specific angle of law that controls social behaviour and limits or bans whatever is harmful or threatening. There are different types of criminal law papers, where each paper depends on the type of crime you are tackling. Crimes may include fraud, theft, and homicide. However, they all follow a similar guideline:

  1. Start by understanding the question asked. Get the main question and others that may emerge from the main one. Cluster the two types of questions and do research for the answers. Concentrate on the major question. With regard to the question, you will better understand the type of criminal law to apply and how to respond to it, that is, whether it is a position paper or an argument.
  2. Investigate the topic, research and note the points that are relevant to the question. Think about what and how state laws relate to the particular crime. Later on, talk about the recommended academic and law commission proposal concerning reforms. Criminal law is advancing discipline and it is essential to illustrate the current state of law reforms.  
  3. State the potential crimes covered by the law. List the crimes starting from the more serious to the not too serious. For every case, determine if the crime was a state of mind, act and the defences that could or may emerge in the case. Do not to forget to point out how the courts apply the rule in a current and previous context, the limitations, and policy reflection that sustains the law.
  4. Include law practitioners that could be discussed or involved in criminal law. Criminal law involves the state, which is not the case with civil law. This means that the police as law enforcement are involved.
  5. State the arguments and how to deal with them. Consider potential and expected responses presented by the opposing counsel. This will demonstrate your clear comprehension of the rule of law as you have applied it in your paper.

Provide a summary of the entire paper including your findings and state your opinion on criminal law.  It is essential to present positions and cite cases on the law to support your stand. Note that your opinions should be rational and stated as your views.


Do you still think it’s difficult to write a composition essay in criminal law? In reality, it all depends on how much time you have at your disposal. If you have plenty of time, you can even easily manage a dissertation. But, most of the time, you should dedicate hours or days proofreading your work to save yourself from grammar or spelling failure. Check the following tips to enhance your confidence when submitting your composition essay.

  • Print the essay – Checking the composition essay through a computer is not as effective as when reading from a printed paper. Your eyes may be tired from screen light and glare with your hands being tired of typing. Print a copy of the essay and take colour pens. Go through the essay and highlight anything that does not sound right or logical.
  • Use Online Editors – These are useful in terms of spelling or grammar of the text. However, do not over rely on them entirely, as they cannot replace proofreading. One such tool is Grammarly that checks grammatical correctness and it is free and among the most accurate.
  • Circle Punctuation Marks – This helps when rereading the essay for a third or fourth time, to understand their relevance. Please note that online checkers rarely highlight wrongly placed punctuation marks.
  • Read Backwards – If your essay converts into a “blank sheet”, change the direction and begin reading it from the end, slowly. Read one paragraph several times.
  • Check for One Error at a Time – For instance, most people are aware of their common mistakes, read the text a few times while looking for the specific mistakes.
  • Confirm the Readability Factor – Ensure that your sentences are not too long. A sentence should not exceed 10 words for you to express your mind. Long sentences pose a high risk of losing the sense of the sentences; you might even puzzle your professor.
  • Note the Mistakes – Once you notice new problems with grammar and spelling, include them to the list of tenses or words you need to spend time on. It will help in eliminating their repetition in the future.

Lastly, use a study-buddy. This can be a student or a friend in the same group as yours. If there is no problem regarding who will submit the best paper, spend more time together even during the writing process. This will significantly help in proofreading and also help generate more brilliant ideas for the topic.

Finding the Best Composition Essay in Criminal Law Writers

Dependable law essay writers will provide more than just a quickly written paper at cut-rate prices. Apart from delivering original and unique content according to your requirements and instructions, writers at will maintain an open line of communication. If you want to reap maximum benefits from a law essay writing service, apply the following criteria:

  • Consult with a customer manager. Essay writing services are not built equal. Some may be good in what they do, but may be lacking a writer specializing in law. For this reason, ask a customer manager if their company has writers who can write a law essay in the required format or style and one who will match you writing style.
  • Open and direct communication with the writer. Establish that the writing service has 24/7 communication between the client and the assigned writer. Check is the website has a live chat attribute or check beforehand if you can maintain this level of communication. This will enable you keep track of your paper’s progress and easily share materials you have previously used in your class as assignment referrals.
  • Do not go for cheap. You may come across a website offering essays for as low as $5/page claiming to deliver the paper within hours. When you spot such, confidently look the other way. Professional writers are not that cheap and if you find a website offering dirt-cheap essays, there are high chances of getting plagiarized and low-quality papers. It takes time and effort to write a good criminal law essay, so be prepared to use a decent amount of money if you want a well-written paper.

Choosing a Trusted Composition Essay in Criminal Law Writing Service

To avoid mediocre writers and cheaters, look for the following attributes and characteristics in a criminal law essay writing service.

  • Reasonable pricing. A professional and expert law essay writer will not settle for cheap. Writing a custom law essay takes a lot of hard work and time. Therefore, a writing service charging cut-rate prices means that you will receive a low-quality and probably plagiarized paper.
  • Verified customer testimonials/reviews. This should not only be in the company’s website, it should also appear on reliable third-party review sites such as TrustPilot and SiteJabber.
  • Superb customer support and service. Credible writing services, such as maintain direct and open communication with their customers. A writing service with instant messaging system or live chat feature on their website is an extra advantage.
  • Proficient writers. Look for a writing company with a writers’ team with academic degrees and have sufficient experience writing law essays. Check where the writers come from as you’ll want to work with native English speakers, years of experience as an academic writer, and if they provide samples. is a writing service with all these and more positive features. Entrust us with your composition essay in criminal law today and experience the benefits. Your writer will submit the paper within your set deadline having fulfilled all your professor’s requirements.

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