How to Write a Deductive Essay

What is Deductive Writing?

To start with, a deductive essay is an efficient way to evaluate student knowledge in various courses and review their analytical skills. Hence, a deductive essay is writing where students are required to apply deductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning is a form of logical reasoning that applies general and factual premises to reach a particular conclusion. So, you can describe deductive reasoning as an application of the overall rules that are analyzed until a particular conclusion is reached. Deductive writing is frequently applied in real life when people use common knowledge facts or those that are already known in order to arrive at a specific conclusion. Writing a deductive essay effectively requires the author to implement their strong analytical skills to construct a deductive argument and support it with sufficient evidence. We hope that this deductive essay writing guide will be helpful to you.

Types of Deductive Writing

When writing a deductive essay, you can use different argumentative styles. Understanding the different deductive argument styles will help in writing a better deductive essay. The following are the two most commonly used styles in deductive writing:

  • Categorical arguments. This is a type of argument where various items are used and they are mostly used in categorical arguments, such as some, all, and none.
  • Propositional arguments. This form of argument manages sentences that the argument is applied in. The most common words used in propositional arguments are if, or, and are.

When writing a deductive essay, ensure that the reader’s attention does not divert from the thesis. You should hold the reader’s attention by paying attention to your sentence structure and the grammar within your essay. Remember that a deductive essay’s purpose is to evaluate your analytical skills and your application of expression and language.

Deductive Writing vs. Inductive Writing

Deductive reasoning is often compared with inductive reasoning as the two represent contrasting types of logical arguments. Deductive writing begins with general facts and arrives at a particular conclusion. Alternatively, inductive writing arrives at a conclusion through the implementation of specific observations. In inductive reasoning, the conclusion can be false, unlike deductive reasoning. So, the difference between deductive writing and inductive writing is that inductive writing follows the structure of an inductive argument, and deductive writing follows a deductive argument structure.

Construction of a Deductive Essay

Students writing a deductive essay should know how to develop a deductive argument founded on deductive reasoning. There are three parts of deductive reasoning; premise, evidence, and conclusion. A premise if a general fact that is used to arrive at a conclusion. In deductive reasoning, there can be one or several premises simultaneously. The premise offers the background for a logical argument.

The evidence is the second part of any deductive argument. It is piece of more detailed information that signifies the subject of an analysis. The evidence is the proof that one depends on in an argument and a reasonable link between a premise and a conclusion. It is founded on a particular fact that is analyzed or observed by the student writing the deductive essay. The presumption presented by the author should be supported by reliable information from scholarly sources.

Lastly, the third part is the conclusion, which is a brief analysis of the argument based on merging the premise and the evidence to serve as the final confirmation of the premise. In deductive writing, the right premise is a guarantee for a correct conclusion. Therefore, if you have premises that are not true, then the conclusions cannot be true. The conclusion should be precise and well-rounded. It is possible for a deductive essay to contain an array of credible conclusions. If this happens, you should choose the best possible conclusion and concentrate on describing it to your readers. If you choose to concentrate on the array of conclusion, you have the risk of the essay being out of focus and not being understandable for your readers. Deductive reasoning has a mathematical formula that states the following: If A = B, B = C, then A = C.

Writing an Effective Deductive Essay

Just like a typical argumentative essay, a deductive essay as an introduction, supporting body paragraphs, and a conclusion that divulges premises, evidence, and a conclusion of the deductive argument.

  • Introduction

The introduction paragraph of a deductive essay divulges the most fundamental aspects of the argument under investigation. It is crucial for the deductive essay to stay away from generalizations and to be based on facts that have been thoroughly investigated. Among the most essential components of a deductive essay is the thesis statement, which summarizes the key arguments presented in the essay and summarized in the essays conclusion. The thesis statement should be concise, but clear, without the addition of irrelevant details. In other words, a thesis is a brief statement that mirrors the conclusion of the argument and the logic behind it.

  • Supporting Paragraphs

The essay’s supporting paragraphs should explore the facts available in the premise and the evidence of the deductive argument. For the reader’s convenience, you should investigate the facts one-by-one in every paragraph. It is essential not to stuff each of these paragraphs with a lot of arguments to ensure that the essay retains its logical structure and remains precise.

  • Conclusion

Lastly, the conclusion of a deductive essay should correspond with that of the deductive argument founded on the research of the evidence and deductions from the premises of your argument. After making the conclusion of the deductive argument, you can expand the essay’s conclusion by providing possible future directions that the argument can take. But, it is important to keep the conclusion concise and logical without diving into too many future possibilities that you cannot support by evidence.

If you choose not to delve into future possibilities in the essay conclusion, you can end the essay by stating the potential implications of not solving the issues investigated in the deductive essay. If you choose to follow this path, you should remain concise and logical while ending the essay, without diverting the attention from the deductive argument’s conclusion. The conclusion of a deductive argument has to be an integral component of the deductive essay’s conclusion that cannot be outshined by other statement presented in the essay’s final part.

Choosing Deductive Essay Topic

Choosing a topic is an essential preliminary step of developing the deductive essay. If you have been given the freedom to choose a topic, you should choose one that you do not feel overly emotional about. The best way for the writer to choose a topic is one that you are interested in but have no strong opinion about. The reason behind this is that it is difficult for someone to remain objective about an issue they are prejudiced about. Therefore, the student as the author should treat deductive essay writing as an opportunity to learn a new thing from an interesting subject rather than proving a specific point that he/she cares for.

In science, mathematics and physics are the main subjects that often apply deductive reasoning. The humanities discipline that applies deductive reasoning is more often philosophy. It is, therefore, for a student to pick a deductive essay topic that relates to philosophy. However, the deductive reasoning spectrum is quite broad, so the preferred topic can be related to a number of different disciplines. Common subjects that can form the basis for creating an effective deductive essay include technology, education, futurism, ethics, sociology, history, and political science.

The application of deductive reasoning in deductive essays allows the students to select the topics that efficiently analyze modern and future trends that relate to society. Therefore, deductive reasoning works well when applied to the newsworthy discussions of the modern world. Deductive essays can investigate one phenomenon or compare several phenomena in detail. The following are potential topics to use in a deductive essay:

  1. Authoritarian State vs. Democracy
  2. Capitalism vs. Communism
  3. The Ethical Implications of Human Cloning
  4. The Scientific and Ethical Aspects of Genetic Engineering
  5. Love vs. Hate
  6. Fruits vs. Vegetables
  7. Lies vs. Truth
  8. Love vs. Habit
  9. The Harm of Truth, The Harm of Lies
  10. Freedom and International Immigrants

Important Tips in Deductive Writing

  • A deductive essay writer has to ensure that the reader’s attention remains focused on the argument and is not diverted to less significant elements of the deductive essay. The writing style requirements include using correct grammar and accurate sentence structure.
  • While there are standard requirements for all essay types and not just deductive essays, appropriate grammar and sentence structure are especially essential for a deductive essay as they illustrate the writer’s analytical skills. Deductive writing requires the author to use superior analytical skills as this is the main feature that is checked by your instructor. Another thing that the instructor evaluates is the ability to express your analytical skills with language tools.
  • Deductive reasoning normally follows a logical and clear structure that can easily be followed by the reader. Each of the paragraphs in the essay should focus on a specific element of the argument and use detailed evidence. The most essential part of the essay is the conclusion support. You cannot just state the conclusion without suitable support to avoid it being weak. When writing a deductive essay, you should remain logical and objective through the writing process.

Post-Writing Tips in Deductive Writing

The post-writing peculiarities that relate to writing a deductive essay concentrates on the components that are directly linked to the writing process. Therefore, the author should concentrate on the essay’s logical flow, the sentence structure, language application, adherence to simple grammar rules, and the efficiency of the argument that displays the writer’s analytical capability.

The proofreading of the essay should start with an analysis of the flow of the argument as the argument is the core element of the essay. The correct and effective premise, evidence, and conclusion lay the basis of a remarkable deductive essay. Although the linguistic elements of the essay are considered essential, the support, structure, and flow of the argument are superior. So, the writer should start proofreading with an analysis of the argument and conclude with an analysis of sentence structure, grammar, and other additional writing elements.

Referencing of the essay is an important final step in writing a deductive essay. As the writer, you should endeavor to use peer-reviewed reliable sources to back your evidence, such as scientific sources and books. You can sometimes use news articles and other similar sources sparingly if they suit the topic and the context of a certain deductive essay. It is essential for you to distinguish between your thinking pattern and the sources supporting this pattern. Original and unique thinking is an important part of a deductive essay, and you cannot simply depend on the sources irrespective of their reliability.

Apart from the distinct characteristics that you should focus on while working on a deductive essay, the proofreading and editing process of the essay is similar to that of an analytical essay. You should analyze each paragraph in the essay and check for mechanical errors, grammatical mistakes, and issues associated to sentence structure. If you choose a suitable topic, create an effective deductive argument, sustain it with appropriate evidence, arrive at a logical conclusion, stick to the required essay structure, and proofread and edit effectively, you will likely develop a deductive essay that will give you an excellent academic score.

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