How to Write a Definition Essay in Human Resource Management

What is a Definition Essay?

A definition essay is writing that explains the meaning of a concept or term. Some words have distinct concrete meanings, like a tree or book. Other terms such as love, honor, or honesty are abstract and their meaning depends on the person’s viewpoint. A definition essay can be assessed from the exact or direct meaning and the point of bias of the individual defining the term. The objective is not only to give a dictionary definition, but also explain why it is defined that way. The definition approach depends on the purpose of the essay, readers, and subject.

Steps to Writing a Powerful Definition Essay

When writing a definition essay, follow the steps below.

  1. Inform your readers the term you are defining
  2. Provide basic and clear information
  3. Use anecdotes, examples, or facts that your readers will comprehend

What is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management (HRM) is a function in an organization that focuses on hiring, managing, and directing employees. It deals with issues touching on compensation, organization development, performance management, wellness, safety, employee motivation, benefits, training, among other functions. HRM plays a deliberate role in managing employees and workplace environment and culture. If effective, it greatly contributes to the general company direction and the achievement of its objectives and goals.

The purpose of a definition essay on human resource management is to help the leaner gain critical thinking skills. It also helps them express their ideas, experiences, and thoughts more clearly. Students develop valuable skills applicable during their studies and professionally.

Format and Outline of a Definition Essay

When writing a definition essay on human resource management, the format and outline is similar to that of a cause and effect or narrative essay, but with some special features. Generally, a human resource management essay has an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Human Resource Essay Introduction

At the start of a definition essay, start with an interesting fact, some anecdote, or impressive statistics. In the introduction, begin by presenting the term you want to define and explain it in the body paragraphs.  Conclude the introduction paragraph with a simple and clear thesis statement that tells your audience what will be in the rest of the paper. Keep in mind that each paragraph in the body section must be relevant and support your thesis statement.

Body Paragraphs

Your definition essay in human resource management should have three body paragraphs. This is the standard way of writing as it enables the writer to support the definition with some productive and dependable examples. For instance, if your definition essay topic relates to ‘performance review’, your body paragraphs should can the term in various aspects. Write down the accurate definition of performance review as it appears in the dictionary, then check how it is explained in the field of human resources. In the conclusion, tell the readers your understanding of this term and your experiences with it. You can use actual quotations in the text and reference some impressive information to capture your readers’ interest.


This is the end of the definition essay. In this paragraph, you have to offer some logical conclusions. Many college students face challenges writing clear conclusions as they lose the main idea among all the definitions and terms. Therefore, do your best to remember your topic and the main objectives of the definition essay. Ensure that the conclusion answers the question stated in the introduction paragraph.

When writing definition essay inhuman resource management, follow the following rule no matter what:

  • Avoid using the words like ‘when’ or where’ when providing your definition. Professional definition essay writers recommend that you define an adjective with an adjective, and a noun with a noun, and so on.
  • Use simple and well-known terms in your explanations.
  • Highlight the major distinctive characteristics of the term under definition.
  • Follow existing grammar rules. This means that you can only express your ideas using error-free English. If you make grammatical mistakes, you will mess up the entire text and lose the actual meaning of the terms. If you have challenges with English tenses, proofread the essay or have someone else do it for you before you submit it to avoid getting low grades.
  • Try your best to persuade your reader in your definition essay in HRM. The objective is for the author to persuade the audience that his description is the factual meaning of the term. If your readers doubt your explanations, your project will automatically fail. For your readers to easily understand your idea, define your term bit by bit. Avoid using too much vocabulary in the essay; the main objective of your project is to inform your readers on the true meaning of the term. Many topics on definition essays are usually based on contradictory terms. This means that the writer has to ascertain that he gives the simplest clarification possible. If your paper has too much vocabulary, the meaning of the term will seem to be more complex, thus you will not comply with the demands of your professor. It is good to use simple terms to make your readers easily understand the term and its explanation.

Advantages of Studying Human Resource Management

Students pursuing human resource management studies are capable of becoming hiring managers after completion of their studies and passing their exams. The following are the advantages of pursuing human resource management as a profession.

Improves the Employees Turnover

When a student learns about human resource management and also write an essay on human resource management, they will master techniques necessary in controlling a company’s high turnover rates. A high turnover rate of senior workers affects a company’s bottom line. Consequently, the company will have to spend more money in a bid to recruit the right people. To control employee turnover in the future, hiring managers learn have to learn the right business skills in an employee to establish if they fit in their organizational culture.

Conflict Resolution

It is not easy to control people with different lifestyles, work ethics, and personalities without applying suitable management skills. But, with the right human resource management skills, you will deal with conflict in the workplace in a professional manner. 

As a student studying an HR course, you have to deal with disputes in a professional manner. Whether the dispute is between the department and employees or among the employees, you have to apply efficient conflict resolution strategies to enable the disputing parties reach a mutual agreement.

Enhance Workers’ Productivity

In the world of business, it is crucial to improve the performance management framework. Due to this, human resource professionals must learn how to pick the right candidate most suitable for the job. As such, human resource students need to master the fundamental skills or expertise to identify in the candidate to be hired. Hiring the right workforce aids in boosting worker performance in the company.

Training and Career Development

Learning the most efficient human resource strategies helps an organization determine if the employees require discipline to hone their skills, or not.  Therefore, if the company decides to hire based on qualifications, it is beneficial to have their workers undergo additional training and requirements.

Employee Satisfaction

To be an efficient human resource manager, it is fundamental to focus on making sure that you fulfil your workers’ demands. You can achieve this by conducting random surveys, assessing strategies, and focus groups to enable you establish if your workers embrace your management style. Therefore, a student pursuing a human resource management course should ensure that you can establish the underlying causes that inhibit workers’ satisfaction. After identifying the causes or factors, attend to them in a way to get the workers motivated in what the company is doing.

How to Write a Definition Essay in HRM

Choose the Right Definition Essay Topic

The first thing in writing an HRM definition essay is to choose an interesting topic. Writing about a subject you are passionate about will make it easier for you to write the essay. Human resource management is a wide field and topics range from performance appraisal and training, work design, compensation, productivity, to employee motivation. If your professor has not provided a topic, you can find one from the many articles and studies on HRM.

Research your Topic

Other than brainstorming and choosing a topic, think about expounding on the topic using relevant content. The essay should preferably introduce a new idea or provide a new viewpoint on an existing idea. Do your research online or visit the library to look for relevant information about the topic. You can go further and talk to experts in your field of interest. Find relevant examples from current case studies and also provide real-life examples to strengthen your arguments. Furthermore, providing examples will make the definition HRM essay more outstanding.

Describe the Structure

The next step when writing an HRM essay is to determine your structure. To write an effective definition essay, there has to be a lot of deliberate thinking. Before you start typing, you should be clear about the contents of each essay paragraph. Like most essays in academic writing, HRM essays should have a perceptive outline with an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

The Introduction

The introductory paragraph presents your viewpoint about the topic and includes the thesis statement. A thesis statement is a brief one-sentence that clearly states your position from the start and leaves no doubt in the mind of the reader.

The Main Body

This is the section where you argue your case to support the thesis statement and expound on your ideas. It is essential for you to provide original ideas and include another point of view. An excellent human resource essay is much more than a compilation of thoughts and information from varied sources.

Moreover, the body section should be well-written with suitable headings to make it easier for the reader to scan the content. All through the essay, clarify each subject in detail and provide enough evidence to sustain your points. The purpose is to persuade the reader of the feasibility of your position.

The Conclusion

This is the last part of your essay. It ties together all the pieces and allows you to present your argument to support your ideas. However, the section should be relatively short with no new ideas introduced in the conclusion paragraph. Human resource management issues are unavoidably related to real-life situations. Therefore, it is good to provide a few (not more than four) suggestions on how your chosen essay topic can apply to practical situations.

Importance of Realistic Examples

Human resource management is full of varied and contradicting theories. Using practical examples help in clarifying these theories and reinforcing your argument. Since human resource management deals with human psychology, it is essential to provide examples from academic experiments and also include stories from actual companies. Your definition essay in human resource management should include a few well-placed examples obtained from reliable sources. You can use publications such as the Fortune Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, and the Harvard Business Review. Credible academic journals in the human resource field include the Journal of Organizational Behaviour, Organization Sciences, and the Journal of Human Resources.

Proofread your Essay

This is the last step in writing a definition essay. Take a break before you go over your essay. Having a fresh look at your essay will enable you locate sentences that need rewriting. Also, check the essay for punctuation and grammatical errors as well as sentence structure.

Types of Definitions Frequently Used In Essays

When picking a concept or term to define, you may face the dilemma of the type of definition to use to define the term in the best way. You can use the seven definitions below to write your human resource definition essay.

  • Analytical – where you analyze the term by simplifying it into smaller elements and defining each element.
  • Classification – where you define a term from a viewpoint of the class to which the term or its elements belong.
  • Comparison – where you compare and contrast several concepts or terms, or their essential parts against each other.
  • Details – where each term is defined according to its characteristic features or peculiar details.
  • Negation – this is a clever move where the writer defines a term by stating what it is not.
  • Origins and Causes – where the author defines a concept or term by stating its causes, historical background, and origins.
  • Results, Effects, and Uses – where the writer defines a term by talking about its possible uses, effects, results, and causes.

Tips when Writing a Definition Essay in HRM

Consider the following when writing your essay

  • Familiarize yourself with your chosen term or word before you start writing.
  • There is a wide range of dictionaries in the world. When you choose a word to use in your essay, remember to reference the dictionary you used.
  • To make your essay high scoring, professional, and informative, describe the origins of your chosen word.
  • Provide multiple interpretations and meanings of the word. Thereafter, choose the interpretation that relates to your idea and stick to it through the entire essay.
  • A compare and contrast technique is most ideal to investigate the thorough meaning of the term.
  • Over time, some words changed in their meanings. Explain the past meaning of the word and its evolution in recent times.
  • Emphasize your perspective on your chosen term. Do not hold back if you want to state something unusual, so long as it is rational.

Common Mistakes you can make in Writing a Definition Essay

  • Defining a term that is too wide in scope to suit the essay
  • Forgetting to highlight the term you are defining. If this happens, your readers will have a hard time understanding what the essay is about.
  • Writing about well-known terms that do not have contradictory interpretations
  • Ignoring the need for examples. Your definition can be detailed and clear, but without tangible examples, your readers will find it difficult to comprehend when or how to use a certain term.
  • Copying the available definition literally. Instead, rephrase the definition by using your own words to provide a new, unique definition.

Let us Write your Definition Essay in Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a crucial domain in business management. As a student, you should take the subject seriously as it is significant in your course. Every institution providing business management studies requires its students to submit essays or papers to test their knowledge. We acknowledge the fact that college essays are more complicated than what you wrote in high school. College essays test your acumen and make you think critically and apply theories learnt in the classroom. You can only do too much at a time as a student.

It can be quite a challenge to write an essay on human resource management especially when dealing with recruitment, employee motivation, models of leadership, and critical theories. Furthermore, you will most often be asked to write essays that provide solutions to specific human resource issues facing organizations.

We are here to help with your HRM essays. We provide expertly written HRM essays in various areas including HRM strategies, leadership, or organizational behaviour. We have relevant essay examples that you can use to choose your essay topic and get content ideas. So, allow us to help you write your definition essay in HRM today.

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