How to Write a Sociology Essay

What is Sociology?

This is the study of social issues, social change, social life, and the consequences of human behavior. A sociologist investigates the structure of societies, organizations, groups, and how people interrelate within the contexts. All human behavior is social, therefore, sociology subject matters range from the hostile mob to the intimate family, from religious cults to organized mob, from the divisions of social class, gender, and race to the common beliefs of a shared culture, and from the sociology of sports to the sociology of work. As a matter of fact, there are few fields with such a broad relevance and scope for application of knowledge, theory, and research.

Sociology provides many distinguishing viewpoints on the world, producing new ideas and reviewing the old.  The field of sociology also provides a range of research techniques that are applicable to almost all aspects of social life. Since sociology deals with the most challenges issues, it is a swiftly expanding field with a potential to be increasingly tapped by those who create programs and craft policies. Sociologists understand patterns of behavior, social inequality, forces of resistance and social change, and how social systems function.

The study of sociology provides expanding opportunities for a broad range of career paths. Students well trained in sociology can critically think about human social life and how to ask significant research questions. They can design good social research projects, collect and analyze empirical data, and articulate and present research findings and present it in a custom sociology paper. These students also know how to make others understand about the workings of the social world and how it can be changed for the better. Most significantly, they learn how to think, assess, and clearly communicate, innovatively, and efficiently.

What is a Sociology Essay?

Sociology essay is a type of assignment that is usually based on library research and empirical content. When asked to write a custom sociology paper, you are required to give an answer to a research question and argue persuasively for your answer to the question. All assignments in sociology take the form of an argumentative essay where you have to persuade your readers that your claim is correct and provide the necessary information and evidence to validate your argument in a particular order. This means that your sociology essay should be structured is a particular way. A sociology essay usually consists of the introduction, main body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

  • Sometimes, your instructor will provide a sociology essay topic, hence you have to follow the instructions provided. In your sociology class, you may be required to write different essay types, such as:
  • Write a compare and contrast essay on two texts
  • Interpret or explain a passage
  • Theory application
  • Evaluate or critique a theory or an argument
  • Summarize a particular text

How to Write a Sociology Essay

Sociology Essay Outline

When writing a custom sociology essay, ensure that you use creative, sophisticated, and complex ways to structure your main ideas. Create an outline to establish if your main points connect to each other or if there are existing gaps in your thinking. The sociology essay outline will help you maintain focus, be organized and ensure that your essay if comprehensible. Before you create an outline, you should first establish the purpose of the essay, your audience, and formulate your research questions or thesis statement. When creating a sociology essay outline, you can use either of these two approaches.

  1. The sentence outline comprising complete sentences
  2. The topic outline comprising short phrases

Follow these steps when creating a basic outline:

  1. Define the research problem
  2. Define the main categories
  3. Create the first category
  4. Define subcategories

Bear in mind that there are no set rules to determine the best approach, so you can use the topic outline or the sentence outline. However, observe consistency and stick to one approach. Also, you can arrange the main ideas of your outline in a chronological order.

Sociology Essay Structure

Always outline a comprehensive structure of what you intend to include in your essay. It is better to begin with the main sections and tryout different sequences and then filling each section with relevant information. You can also outline your claim in an abbreviated form to establish if it is reasonable and detect possible gaps in it. Ass relevant information if you find it necessary.

When you start the actual sociology essay writing process, this structure can function as headings for various essay sections. When you have an essay structure, you will be able to work on any section of your essay, such as in the middle without first finishing the previous one. This will definitely make writing easier.

Write your Draft

Start writing your essay as soon as possible to give you sufficient time to complete it. Writing a sociology essay, or any other type of essay is time consuming and requires much effort. Keep in mind that writing a strong essay involves deleting, adding, rewriting, revising or moving different sections of the content.

Write an Introduction

In this section, you have to state your thesis statement or research question and establish that the reader will enjoy finding the answer. You should explain the significance of your topic and present the main points of your claim to help the reader follow your reasoning. You can also give a hint of your allegation with a statement like “I will argue that…” When writing the essay, stay focused on your allegation or assertion, even if it changes as you progress with the work. Ideally, the introduction of your sociology essay should contain:

  • The thesis statement/research question
  • The main reasons on the significance of the topic
  • Main points
  • An assertion/allegation and answer to the research question

Give Background Information

To help the reader follow your essay and make them evaluate your argument, you should give them some background information to introduce your topic, define the main problems, and concisely explains empirical findings, concepts, and theories. Include any useful information for your assertion and research question. You can also provide information on previous research on the topic and explain its significance to your research question or thesis statement. For instance, if you are investigating the reasons for unemployment among people with criminal records, you should provide information from previous research proving that former prison inmates have difficulties searching for jobs.

Debate your Research Question

In this section, you should provide the line of argumentation without being dogmatic. You can say that there is no ambiguous answer to the research question. For example, you can argue the claim that we can’t fully establish why women earn not as much as men.

When evaluating two theories that describe a social phenomenon, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of all the theories and address diverse components of the social phenomenon. Clearly state the points that support your claim in different ways. To have an orderly and easy-to-read sociology essay, devote one point to one paragraph. Start every paragraph with a topic sentence and provide relevant evidence and supporting arguments. Take note of all probable relevant objections and take them seriously. Be innovative to forestall how your future readers may analytically evaluate your argument. You should provide clear answers and show that the objections are irrelevant.


In this section of the sociology essay, you need to emphasize your findings and once more state their significance. You restate your claim more confidently as you have already demonstrated to your audience why the claim is the most correct and most rational answer to your research question. Also, provide suggestions or give recommendations for further research. Do not include new information in this section and make it as concise as possible.

Cite your Sources

To avoid plagiarism when writing your sociology essay, you should use and cite reliable sources in your essay. The most common citation format in the sociology field is the American Sociological Society (ASA) system. It requires in-text citations to be made by parenthetical documentation. You should include the author, title, and publication date. Check with your professor to establish if you should use the ASA citation format hence familiarize yourself with its rules.

Revise your Essay

As you continue to write your essay, be aware that you will write more than one draft of it. The first draft is always full of bad writing, omissions, errors, and confusions. If you want to perfect your essay, you have to rewrite and revise it in part or in whole severally. When you revise the essay, you will expand your argument, develop your analysis, and create links between your arguments. You can rework paragraphs and sentences, delete or move your parts, change some of the content, and add new information. Ask someone to read your essay to suggest improvements and point out mistakes; a roommate or a family member can do this. After writing your final draft, proofread it and eradicate minor punctuation, spelling and grammar mistakes and typos. You should always aim for the precision and the economy of the language. It will be easier to proofread your sociology essay if you read it aloud. Do not wait for the last day before the deadline to proofread and revise your paper as this may take time.

Choosing Sociology Essay Topics

If your instructor has not assigned a particular topic for your essay, ensure that you choose a good and suitable topic. Choose the topic as early as possible so as to have sufficient time to write it. Moreover, you need to think critically when picking your topic and bear in mind that the success or failure of your sociology essay will depend on your sociological question. When choosing a topic for your sociology essay, use any of the approached below:

  • Choose a topic that interests you
  • Write about a concept or phenomenon you are unfamiliar with and challenge yourself
  • Choose a broad topic and narrow it to concentrate on a small issue and research deeply for new ideas.

Tips to Write a Good Sociology Essay

Basically, writing a sociology essay entails the same requirements as essays on other academic disciplines, but, there are some particularities. Sociological research is based on statistics and concrete examples. The study of sociology is principally concerned with facts and it omits the probability of applying value judgments.

When writing a custom sociology essay, stay neutral, avoid preconceived sentiments, and be as objective as possible. As sociology is an empirical science, you have to base your research on observations and experiments.

An excellent essay in sociology should be outstandingly logical, clear, theoretically proven, and original. No matter the topic you receive of choose, it is important to look at the topic from a sociological perspective.

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