How to Write an Analytical Essay in Family and Consumer Science

When you have been assigned an analytical essay in family and consumer science, you may end up being exhausted if you don’t have a tangible plan to write the essay. The biggest mistake you can make is leave the paper till the last moment to write, and do not think that writing an analytical essay is all about providing your opinion about the topic; it is much more than that. An analytical essay is writing that analyzes a chosen topic in poems, books, movies, short stories, articles, and so on. The analysis should have supporting facts, evidence, and clues obtained from other scientific works. An analytical essay is an academic paper that needs prompt attention in articulating and developing the ideas so as not to be seen as a biased researcher.

Therefore, whether you are willing or not, you should set aside a few days to write this assignment. You can dedicate one or two days to reading the article and noting the main ideas to analyze. The next day can be spent outlining and composing sections of the essay. The last stage should for proofreading and editing your paper before submitting it. Consequently, if you want your essay to be mistake-free and adhering to academic standards and quality, you should write it at least four days in advance.

If you do not have enough time and you’ve missed your deadline, do not despair as you can still salvage something. Look at the following tips that make the analytical essay in family and consumer science writing process clear. Follow the tips and stand a chance to write any type of analytical paper.

Understanding the Subject

The key to identifying the subject of the analysis lays in its name. With a degree in family and consumer science, the student is prepare to serve the society in nutrition and education careers. This field of study is very broad where students learn about topics related to it such as importance of education, healthy meals, and family financing, but the student can choose narrow their specialization.  For example, a master’s program prepares students to obtain teaching certification.

Hence, thanks to the various fields in this science, the student can freely choose any topic as a basis for their analytical essay in family and consumer science. The first tip when choosing an essay topic is not to go for ordinary topics, such as the role of teachers in schools or healthy nutrition in schools. These are boring topics that have been well-researched by other scholars exhaustively. You can only choose such topics if you are running out of time and you are comfortable earning at least a satisfactory grade.

Choosing a Topic for an Essay in Family and Consumer Science

It is now time to choose an accurate topic that will demonstrate your creativity, let you analyze exhaustively, and impress your audience. Bear in mind that, if you will discuss your essay in class and deliver a speech, go for themes that include anecdotes and rhetorical questions. Avoid choosing a topic on the latest innovations in the field or mainstream. Even a boring topic can be interesting to read if you appropriately use such details. Before you make an outline and start writing, go to your professor and ask for approval. Do not pick a topic and think that it is perfect, your professor might not approve of it as other students might be writing on the same topic. So, to avoid disappointment, ask for approval before you invest your time and effort in the paper.

Analytical Essay in Family and Consumer Science Structure

Structuring your family and consumer science essay is a significant step in the writing process; this is why we recommend that you create an analytical essay structure or outline before you begin writing. There are various types of outlines with the most common ones being the decimal outline and the alphanumeric outline.  The decimal outline utilizes numbers only while the alphanumeric outline uses Arabic and Roman numerals and lower case and capitalized letters.

An excellent outline helps to:

  • Plan and develop your argument
  • Follow the main points
  • Have a clear idea on how to start and end your argument
  • Make the essay coherent, clear, and well-structured

Brainstorm the ideas you intend to include in the essay by making a list of them and organizing them into related groups. Ensure that you logically group your ideas and place them in a logical order. Organize the ideas into groups to create subcategories and categories. Before you start to write the analytical essay, identify your primary ideas because the essay should be more than just facts, a set of quotes or a summary of other scholar’s thoughts. Critical thinking skills are necessary in analyzing the text you are reading and synthesize the information to make your own arguments, ideas, and opinions. Making an analytical essay outline can help do that.


In the introduction, tell the reader what to expect from the analytical essay in family and consumer science. Keep the introduction brief and focus on relevant information that will help in answering the question. The introduction paragraph should not exceed 10% of the entire analytical essay. The total word count should determine the information you should include in the introductory paragraph. Give your readers some background information on the topic, meaning that you should begin with a broader issue and then introduce a particular topic to your readers.

Hook and Thesis

An important part of the introduction is the thesis statement and the hook. Always start the introduction with a hook, which is a phrase or statement that instantly grabs your reader’s attention as soon as they start to read your work. You can do this by using jokes, posing a rhetorical question, use a relevant quote, a shocking fact, or interesting statistics.

For example, you can make fun of how young women, rather than eat healthy, eat junk food and later visit detox centers to help them lose weight and revitalize them. Or you can say “The author and I are aware that detox programs harm our bodies, and this may radically change your opinion. Get to know the reason.” Essentially, you incited the reader by insisting that it is not only your opinion but that of the author as well. You then showed that detox harms the body where the audience will stick around to find out why.

Every essay introduction has to start with a strong thesis statement that presents the main idea of the analytical essay. An effective thesis statement has two parts. The first part tells the reader what you will argue about and the second part outlines how you will support your argument. The thesis should be specific, clear, arguable, and definable.

The Body of an Essay in Family and Consumer Science

Just as your body cannot function without its organs, the same applies for essays which cannot be considered complete without their supporting parts. The main body is your opportunity to impress your reader and it is the soul of your paper that will assist your professor understand your knowledge level. Furthermore, this is the section where you demonstrate your critical thinking skills and your ability to analyze with bias.

The main body of an essay contains three to five paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should contain one idea or address the issue stated as the main idea. For example, detox will be analyzed step-by-step from different perspectives.

The first body paragraph should introduce the subject, in this case, Detox. Talk about its occurrence, when it emerged, the cost, and how people plan to undergo the treatment.

The second paragraph discusses the main idea of the work and if you can, compare the work to studies of other surveys, scientific statements, or dieticians. Make this the heart of the paper to reveal the most significant evidence for your main idea.

The third paragraph is for the final analysis of the effects of Detox on people, your opinion about the treatment, provide supporting clues or evidence that, for instance, describes why it is helpful or harmful.

Other tips include:

  • Do not include definition of terms obtained from the encyclopedia. Using your own words, explain what is Detox. Alternatively, you will be required to cite pointless information in your work.
  • Find out from other students or your friends about their attitude towards Detox and attach the results.
  • Use quotations from the author

Attaching results may seem strange. However, some writers attach graphical documents in their analytical essays, but do not attach pictures or photos in the essay even if they are original copies. This is not a presentation or a dissertation, the results are only for analysis purposes.


The conclusion paragraph is your last chance to convince your reader that your viewpoint is right. It should express a sense of wholeness and closure but be thought-provoking and look to the future at the same time. Do not just write a simple summary, instead, synthesize your ideas and do not introduce new evidence or material. In this section of the essay, you should shift from the specific to the general to drive the discussion into a broader context.

Proofread, Edit, and Revise

It is not possible to get it right with the first draft of your analytical essay in family and consumer science. This is why you should write your essay early to have sufficient time to proofread, edit, and revise your work.

First, reread your draft from the beginning to the end and check the content and the structure. Look at the paper as a whole to get a clear picture and recognize where you should make changes and improvements. You may restructure your argument and rethink your thesis statement, delete redundancies or irrelevancies, and include some new material. Ensure that your essay structure is logical and helps your audience follow your argument.

The next step is to check the presentation and the style. While proofreading your analytical essay in family and consumer science, focus on the language, referencing, and accuracy. You can use different resources to check the various sessions such as thesaurus, online dictionaries, and grammar guides to check punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Ensure that all citations and references follow a particular citation style (Harvard, Chicago, APA, MLA etc.)

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