How to Write an Analytical Essay in Leadership Studies

What is an Analytical Essay?

Analytical writing is the provision of practical analysis of a topic. You can write an analytical essay about philosophy, scientific research, politics, historical events, current events literary works, music, art, leadership, among other topics. Analytical essays are requirements in academic settings, but they also appear in trade journals, academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. An effective analytical essay can contextualize and explain basic information to benefit the reader.

When asked to write an analytical essay, you are basically required to present some type of claim or argument about the topic you are analyzing. But, an analytical essay is not a summary, it is a piece of writing that focuses on how the work was written, for instance, how particular themes are presented in the work.

Purpose of Analytical Essays

An analytical essay benefits both the writer and the reader, college professors and high school teachers assign analytical essays to help students grow as thinkers and writers. They also boost a student’s writing skills and improve their understanding of a certain topic.

Readers also benefit from analytical essays. Magazines and newspapers regularly publish analytical essays to help readers understand the day’s news. These essay types enable authors educate their fellow citizens on matters of culture, architecture, art, economics, politics, and many other important subjects.

What is Leadership Studies?

A career in leadership involves building and working in a team to change a business or group, to surpass previous limits or guide it to a better direction. With the right education in leadership studies, you can envision goals, structure and communicate a plan to achieve the goals, and successfully inspire your colleagues into attaining measurable progress towards the goals.

College program in organizational management or leadership studies is a means to convey skills and techniques in communications, psychology and business. A classic curriculum for such a program involves approaches to leadership, communication, conflict and change management, and decision making with the aim of helping students become productive leaders who can sustain organizational competitiveness.

Preparing to Write an Analytical Essay in Leadership Studies

Before you decide on what to write about, we recommend that you focus deeper into leadership studies. The main concern of leadership studies is the leadership phenomenon in varied groups the world over. The academic discipline investigates the meaning of leadership in different contexts of modern society, form the viewpoint of a nation, university or college, team or family, etc.

When writing an analytical essay on leadership, you should apply all efforts and comprehend the basics of being a leader, having the authority and power, followers and influence. This is the only way to make you analytical essay in leadership studies successful and admirable.

Getting Ready

Ask any writer their views on writing an analytical essay and they will tell you that the greatest challenge is to prepare for drafting. The preparation stage needs time and effort, researching and setting of goals, changing minds and noting down. However, choosing a leadership topic is, probably, the most difficult thing to start with.

  1. Look for a Topic

Some students get an idea of what to include in the essay using the topics provided by their supervisors. Sometimes, you will need to look for topics by yourself. If you have not yet found a suitable topic for your analytical essay in leadership studies, go through the following list and pick something that is relevant to what you are looking for.

  1. Signs of a Team Leader
  2. Steps to Becoming a Successful Influencer
  3. The Mystery of Team Motivation
  4. Is the Notion of a Born Leader Have a Place in the Modern World?
  5. Problems Encountered by Leaders and How They Deal With Them
  6. Should a Modern Leader Have More Skills or Charisma?
  7. Leader Vs. Inspirer
  8. Leadership Vs. Authoritarianism
  9. Why May You Not Want to be a Leader?
  10. Should Leaders Listen, Talk, Or Both?

While deciding on a topic for further development, choose one that shows the most essential issues, is current and interests you too. Why is it important to write about something that interests you? The issue is that an uninterested writer will create a boring analytical essay in leadership studies.

  1. Thesis Statement

To make an analysis of something means looking for its meaning. An analytical essay explains why something is the way it is or how it functions as does. Therefore, an analysis paper’s thesis statement should answer a WHY or HOW question. A powerful thesis claims something about the subject, where it needs proof. On the other hand, a weak thesis makes no assertion or claim that requires no proof. It does not help the reader or the writer be guided to better comprehension of the topic. Most of the thesis statements that end up being weak are overly broad instead of being concise and to the point.

Although the thesis statement is frequently seen to be a short part of the larger essay, it is equally important as the whole research. As a matter of fact, the thesis statement has a huge impact in the entire structure of the analytical essay and becomes a true reflection of the objectives a writer intends to achieve.

What should you do? Think about the issues that you think need solutions from your analytical essay. Gather the issues and you have your thesis. A high-profile thesis should be controversial and debatable, hence requires huge research work. The thesis is structured according to the following structural pattern: reasons, opinion statement, and groupings that describe the stated opinion and recommended topical aspects.

  1. Make Notes

Analytical is derived from analysis and analyze. This means that your essay should include your ideas and thoughts. Due to this, you should note down any ideas that comes to your mind. This is an important step in the preparation stage and partly to the writing process.  You need to be prepared for the forthcoming number of thoughts and ideas during the writing process. This is because it has been shown that when creating a draft, a student may change his mind, redo the outline, carry out more research, and take a brand-new analytical approach.

  1. Find Proof

The purpose of researching, investigating, and testing is to make sure that there is necessary backup for your analytical essay paper. The research should not be shallow, but deep and detailed. Use primary sources of proof. You need to take note that if your leadership topic is someway related to a historical topic, use direct data as proof. The evidence must be obtained from research conducted earlier. If your topic is not in any way related to history, the evidence should be quotes.

  1. Come up with a Plan

This is the time to sort all collected information into reasonably organized paragraphs in the form of a plan. When you have a clear plan, it is simpler to use correct opinions/figures/facts in the right place. You should include a minimum of five paragraphs in your analytical essay in leadership studies. Another essential point about a plan is that it has to be approved by your supervisor before the actual writing of the analytical essay in leadership studies. Your supervisor may make amendments or provide suggestions that will help you execute the plan successfully.

Structuring an Analytical Essay in Leadership Studies

  1. Introduction

An analytical essay in leadership studies starts with a well-structured introduction section that presents the background information to the readers. To make the introduction successful, the writer should include several hooking statements that grab the audience’s attention.

  • A hooking statement may include:
  • A known quote to demonstrate the seriousness of the essay
  • A simile, metaphor, or any other classy literary term
  • A fact that is strongly supported in academic books
  • Statistical figures that shake and shock
  • A funny joke to win the reader’s heart
  • A rhetorical question that will make the reader think about the answer even when they know it

As there is no particular style for writing the introductory paragraph, feel it with verified background information to be safe. So, you have the hook and the background information, what’s next? You should have a transition sentence that leads to the thesis statement before you conclude this paragraph.

  1. Body

This is the structural piece with its own structure. It consists of several paragraphs that aim to prove the thesis statement when combined into one. When taken apart, each paragraph focuses on one particular proof/issue/aspect. Let’s say, for example, that you are analyzing the progression of a projected leader. The thesis should be centered on his progression, while the main body deals with:

  • Focus on self-development
  • Focus on support from colleagues, friends, and family
  • Focus on how the progression of his leadership features affects him mentally

Next is to look at the structural arrangement of the main body paragraphs. Every paragraph should have a topic sentence, supporting evidence, an analysis of the evidence, and a conclusion. In short, you start the paragraph with a direct introduction to the point.  You follow this with supporting evidence and explain in 2-3 sentences how it sustains the point stated in the opening sentence. Continue to analyze the available facts and figures and finish by explaining the importance of this point.

After reading a paragraph in your analytical essay, your reader should derive a clear understanding of the analysis, argument, and idea. The length of each paragraph varies depending on the complexity of the analytical essay in leadership studies.

  1. Conclusion

The essay’s conclusion is meant to tie up the work into one unit in leadership studies. The conclusion paragraph usually has three sentences. However, the sentences should restate the thesis statement, summarize the main points in the assignment and conclude with a general statement that explains the significance of your work.

After the extensive research, making an outline and writing, you should perform a final check.

  • Check for mistakes. You can look for mistakes by reading through the essay or launching an automatic program to check for you. For optimum results, you’ll be better off using the two methods.
  • Read the essay out loudly. Reading out loud will help you have an idea whether the essay is easy to understand. You will also establish if your paragraphs are logically arranged and if they transition smoothly.
  • Confirm historical proof. This recommendation applies to analytical essays containing dates and names. Check if the names are correctly spelled and check the relevance of the dates on the internet through official sites. If you doubt your proofreading skills because you tend not to see some mistakes, you can ask a senior students of a friend to check the work for you.

Tips for Writing an Analytical Essay in Leadership Studies

  • Ask, “What am I proving?”

You should place the answer to this question in your thesis statement. If you don’t do this, return to the introduction and change the thesis.

  • Do not elaborate

This inconsiderate through results in erroneous conclusion. If you wish to write a thoughtful analytical essay in leadership studies, but do not provide clear arguments, you reduce the impact of the essay on your reader. You should not make unnecessary suggestions in a bid to make the paper look longer in size and complex. It is better to write concisely but in principle. Each sentence should present certain thoughts and analyze a specific idea you want to expound on.

  • Do not overload the essay with impulsive quoting

Remember that you should borrow ideas from established and credible authors to validate your arguments, but, do not copy everything written by the authors. If you do this, you teacher will think that you copied everything in your analytical essay and may accuse you of plagiarism. It is advisable to use repetitions and metaphors at the beginning but you can also apply them when finalizing the work. The introduction paragraph and the conclusion should not be too deep and detailed.

  • Put some zest into your text

It is important that from the thousands of essays submitted, your teacher will remember yours. You can include a provocative or unexpected headline in the essay, use ‘loud’ epigraphs, infographs and illustrations. Suggest some non-standard ideas to give your reader food for thought.

  • Avoid average language

When you write an analytical essay or a critical analysis, steer clear of average language. Instead, use informal language to diversify your work as verbal slang may make lose the power of your claims or arguments.

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