How to Write an Analytical Essay

The analytical essay assists you greatly in going through your academic journey successfully. It is very important to know that analytical skills are the major keys to writing the majority of college essays successfully. Gaining these skills will guarantee that you will tackle all kinds of essays and thus, receiving good grades.

Analytical skills are in addition very helpful in this real-life situation because they help to develop your capacity to think seriously and analyze things which are around you with a bit of strong skepticism. This guarantees that you can identify with every aspect of a particular issue. They are as well very helpful in a discussion that needs proving a point. Having a solid argument helps significantly and proves to your opponent how valid your opinion is. It helps to convince people and gives you just what you require. Before you start writing analytical essay, you should understand what this kind of essay is and what to include in it.

What Is an Analytical Essay?

An analytical essay is a kind of paper where you come forth with an argument, and after that, analyze the argument with supporting claims. Analytical essay writing can be written from a range of topics such as music, current events, philosophy, art, politics, scientific research, and historical events, among others. They are extremely common in academics even though they appear in newspapers, academic journals, magazines, and trade journals too. A well-researched analytical essay gives details and contextualizes essential information that benefits the reader.

For you to write a concrete analytical essay, it is important to understand its nature as well as its purpose: the analysis of a particular issue given by a college lecturer. A student must look in detail and probe both the positive and negative points of the given problem. These points require to be further developed, disagreeing or agreeing with their nature. The justifications and the supporting claims must be valid and backed up by a sound studied chain of facts.

Analytical essay outline

An analytical essay should have an organized arrangement for the content to be easily readable and understandable. An Analytical essay outline must be drafted in order to structure all the raw information. Understanding how to write an analytical essay outline makes the job half done. It will help you place everything in the correct order because with a good analytical essay outline, and you will be capable of keeping all your ideas off head, and therefore not forget to include any vital details. A well-structured Analytical essay outline will help you to create a sound and logical analysis paper; thus, your readers will understand it well.

There are many ways of organizing an analytical paper outline. Regardless of how you choose to structure it, your analytical paper should contain three vital parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph
  • Conclusion

The essay can have two paragraphs or five paragraphs, but this depends on the requirements.

In the majority of the cases, an analytical essay includes an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It must outline no less than three main arguments, which have to be present in the thesis and body paragraphs too. Don’t forget to list all the major points in the analytical essay structure.

Analytical essay structure

Analytical essay structure includes;

  • An Introduction:  First, introduce your subject matter. Say what it is and for how long it has been around. Explain how it is related to your course
  • A Thesis statement: here is where you say your purpose for the essay. What you have found through analyzing the topic
  • Main body: the main body always varies, and this depends on what you are analyzing, but you will always require structuring every paragraph in a similar way:
  • Topic sentence
  • Proof to support your statement
  • Detail on your statement
  • Every section must flow into the next so as to make the essay feel organized.
  • Conclusion:  here is where you will draw all your points and paraphrase your thesis and what proved it in your essay.

Analytical essay format

The standard analytical essay is about 500 words though your analysis paper might vary depending on your topic and original instructions. A normal analytical essay contains three body paragraphs. The body paragraphs should support your topic sentence by providing evidence. All the collected and applicable information that justifies your argument is presented in this part. You must discuss each point in its own paragraph. Doing this will make your paper coherent and readable for your audience.

Every paragraph in the body part has four parts that should be covered;

  • Claim or Topic Sentence – A claim or a topic sentence is the opening sentence of a paragraph. The sentence is the claim or a vital point that proves your thesis statement. Start all your paragraphs using a topic sentence. 
  • Evidence or Supporting Material – The evidence or supporting material will support the claim and will give comprehensive, researched thesis statement information to your readers. Once you write a topic sentence, provide Supporting Material to prove it correct.
  • Connection – whatsoever you write should relate or connect with your subject. When you use a phrase or a quote, ensure that you have first stated its importance or purpose. Never write something without an explanation on why that thing is important.
  • Transition – make use of transition words to create a tie between the paragraphs. Maintain a coherent flow, and each paragraph should be related to each other. The transition may be at the beginning or at the end of the paragraph.

Every paragraph must be transitioned to make sound content. The transition will work as a bridge, and it will connect the preceding paragraph with the next one

How to write an introduction for an analytical essay

The introduction of your analytical essay is supposed to make the audience get caught up in reading your paper.  The introduction must act as a road map for the readers. The readers want to know where your paper will take them and also what things they will learn after reading it. The three major things that analytical essay introduction must contain are:

A hook sentence

An appealing hook sentence is the best way to start an introduction for your analytical essay. Remember that you will not have another chance to make an impression on your readers. A hook statement is essential in your analytical essay, and it can be funny or factual. There is a wide selection of ways to grab the attention of your reader, like starting with a statistic, a quote, a joke, a provocative or rhetorical question, a surprising fact, or even combining a number of things. This statement will depend on your essay subject; therefore, write a hook statement that goes with your subject and support your paper.

A thesis statement

After you are done with writing your hook sentence, you are required to provide brief background information regarding the topic. Ensure that you have informed your readers about the topic of your analytical paper. Then, write down your well-prepared thesis statement, which explains why your analytical work matters. 

A thesis statement is the major sentence of your analytical essay. It is the part of your essay whereby you show your point to the readers. It explains the purpose of your subject. And it serves as the topic of the whole paper. A strong thesis statement may help in the whole paper and allow the reader to know what to expect from the paper. It can be a claim of your subject which supports your argument. It summarizes the aim of the entire essay in one sentence.

Support your Thesis Statement

Lastly, you should explain how you will prove your claim. If you’re writing an analytical essay about a book, you have to focus your argument on the methods that the author of the book has used. If the essay will be about a historical event, ensure that you have analyzed why those events took place. If you’re writing analytical essay on scientific findings, make sure you have used scientific methods for your analysis.

Remember that longer essays can have a thesis statement of more than one sentence. It doesn’t matter the number of supporting facts that your essay has or the number of paragraphs that go into each rationale in the body of your paper. This is reliant on what you want to say, how detailed the paper should be, and if the paper has the required length. All the supporting facts mentioned in the thesis statement must be included in further detail in the body of your paper.

How to write an analytical essay thesis

A thesis statement expresses the key ideas of your essay and answers the questions posed by your essay. It provides your audience with a fast and easy-to-follow synopsis of what the essay will be talking about and what you, as an author, is starting to tell them. The type of thesis that your essay will have will typically depend on the reason for your writing

An analytical essay thesis breaks down a problem into its component parts, evaluates the problem, and presents this breakdown and valuation to your readers. It will give details on:

  • What you are going to analyze
  • The parts of your analysis
  • How you will present your analysis

When writing analytical essay thesis statement, you need to take on a strong and particular stand. Before you start writing such a statement, ensure that you can reason for yourself what precisely it is you are arguing for. After that, write a sentence that identifies your subject clearly. Ensure that your verb choice is correct, active, and plain, and explain exactly what it is you think your topic does. The rest of your paper will be dedicated to presenting evidence that will support the analysis you have described in your thesis statement.

Remember that your thesis statement is very important since it foretells your main argument and also sets the stage for the remainder of your paper. It may as well gesture toward how your paper will be structured. That’s the reason why it is vital to have a strong thesis statement which will make your audience desire to learn more and assist him or her understand what to anticipate from the rest of your paper. On the other hand, a weak thesis statement may weaken your general analysis since it will make it look as if as you cannot articulate your argument clearly.


In the final point of Analytical essay writing, you should know how to wrap up your analytical essay correctly. This is the last part where every discussion ends. Here, you repeat the thesis statement and give a brief summary of the main points in the paper. Never introduce new ideas in the conclusion part of your essay. In its place, you might need to remind your readers of the methods that you have employed to prove your claim. 

  • A well structured analytical conclusion is supposed to have the following information: 
  • A short summary of your analysis
  • A Rephrased analytical thesis statement

First, begin your conclusion with a brief summary of the major points in the body paragraphs. Then, summarize a thesis statement in the introduction paragraph. The final sentence of the whole paper is supposed to end with your final thoughts regarding the topic. You can use a hook sentence, an explanation, recommendation, or a quote to finish your analytical paper.  Try to make your conclusion powerful because it is the final impression that you have left on the reader. Also, the length of your conclusion should be the same as the length of your introduction.

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