How to Write an Argumentative Essay in Human Resource Management

How to Write an Argumentative Essay in Human Resource Management
How to Write an Argumentative Essay in Human Resource Management

What is Argumentative Writing?

An argumentative essay is a piece of writing where the student investigates a topic, gathers, generates, and evaluates evidence to enable the student establish a position on the subject matter in a clear manner.  Assignments on argumentative essays call for extensive research of literature review or a review of previously published material. You may also need to do empirical research and collect data through experiments, observations, surveys, and interviews. Detailed research gives the student a chance to learn about the topic and comprehend the different viewpoints on the topic to enable them take a stand and support the stand with evidence gathered during research. No matter the type or amount of research involved, an argumentative essay must establish a clear thesis and pursue sound reasoning.

What is the Purpose of Argumentative Writing?

Argumentative writing has two main purposes

  1. To change people’s viewpoints or convince them to accept new viewpoints
  2. Persuade people to new behaviour or a particular action

Usually, people do not always agree on what is reasonable or right, suitably crafted arguments help us establish what is true or fair. They are used to discover truth and settle disputes. College instructors assign argumentative essays to make students learn to examine other people and their own ideas in a methodical and careful way. Arguments teach us how to examine conflicting claims and judge methods of investigation and evidence. They help us learn to illuminate our thoughts an express them accurately an honestly and to consider other people’s ideas in a critical and respectful manner.

Why Human Resource is Important?

Human resource is a general term describing the development and management of employees in an organization. Eventually, it is all about increasing employee productivity. Apart from this, human resource plays a significant role in building positive business culture and advancing employee productivity and engagement. The human resource function also leads in employee personal development and wellness.

Types of Argumentative Essays and How to Use Them

There are three ways to structure an argumentative essay in human resource management. You can choose any one of the following or combine them to craft your argumentative essay.

  1. Classical. Introduce the main argument, declare your opinion, and try your best to convince your reader why your point of view is the most credible. Also known as Aristotelian, this is the most common strategy to make an argument as it is a simple line of thinking to pursue. It is effective when your readers do not have sufficient information or strongly opinionated about your topic as it concisely and clearly outlines the facts.
  2. Rogerian. Present the issue, recognize the opposing argument, state your stand, and explain why yours is the most viable. You should use this type of argument when writing about polarizing topics, as it recognizes both sides of the arguments and offers a middle ground.
  3. Toulmin. Introduce your idea, present information to support the idea, and then justify that the information is linked to the claim. This is an argument that is suitable for polarizing topics, but instead of presenting both sides, it only presents one, mainly relying on facts presented to make the make it difficult to argue with the claim.

Parts of an Argumentative Essay

The argumentative essay structure is held together by the following:

A well defined, concise, and clear thesis statement written in the essay’s introductory paragraph.

In the first paragraph of your argumentative essay in human resource, you should set the context by generally reviewing the topic. Next, you should explain the significance of the topic or why the reader should care about it. Lastly, the student should write the thesis statement. It is important that the thesis statement be suitably narrowed to follow the guidelines provided in the assignment. If the student fails to master this part of the essay, he/she will find it difficult to write an effective argumentative essay.

Clear and logical transitions in the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs

Transitions are the glue that holds together the foundation of the argumentative essay. Without logically progressing your thoughts, the reader will be unable to follow your argument leading to a collapse of the structure. Transitions should tie up the idea from the previous paragraph and introduce the next idea in the next paragraph.

Body Paragraphs Containing Evidential Support

Each body paragraph should discuss one general idea. This will enable direction and clarity in the entire essay. Furthermore, such conciseness enables easy readability for your audience. It is essential to note that every paragraph in the main body must logically connect to the thesis statement stated in the introductory paragraph. Some paragraphs should directly sustain the thesis statement with the evidence you collected during research. It is also vital to illustrate why and how the evidence supports the thesis.

But, argumentative essays should also explain and consider differing viewpoints concerning the topic. Depending on the length of your argumentative essay, you should dedicate one or two paragraphs to discussing conflicting opinions on the subject. Instead of out rightly coming out to declare that the opinions are wrong, you should state how the opinions do not support the thesis statement, how they may be ill informed or how they are out of date.

Anecdotal, Statistical, Logical, or Factual Evidential Support

While writing an argumentative essay, you should research the topic well, write a detailed and accurate essay using current information to sustain the thesis statement and think about other viewpoints. Some anecdotal, statistical, statistical, logical or factual evidence should support your thesis statement. But, students should consider various points of view during the evidence collection stage. As noted earlier, a well-rounded and successful argumentative essay also discusses opinions that do not support the thesis. It is academically unethical to leave out evidence that seems not to support the thesis. It is not your place to point out how other opinions are wrong, instead you should explain how the differing opinions may not be up to date or well informed.

A conclusion that not only restates the thesis, but also readdresses it in consideration of the available evidence

This is the point where students start to struggle. The conclusion section will leave the greatest impression in the minds of your readers.  Therefore, the conclusion must be logical and effective. Do not bring in any new information in this section, but, amalgamate the information included the main body of the essay. Restate the significance of the topic, evaluate the main points, and reassess your thesis. You can also briefly talk about the importance of future research in light of the argumentative essay.

Argumentative Essay in Human Resource Management

Let us redefine the definition of human resource management. Most probably, you have an idea of what management is. Management is an organizational process, which is an all-inclusive concept and includes the activities of everyone in the company, control processes, implementation, evaluation, planning, and decision-making. The objectives of human resource management are leadership competence among people to achieve the objectives of the organization. It is essential to control the satisfaction of all parties, talent of the staff, and the work involved.

What about an argumentative essay in human resource management? In this task, you should display the stand concerning your topic, take note of the arguments and validate them with evidence. All the ideas you indicated should be supported with facts.

Examples of Topics to Use for your Argumentative Essay in Human Resource Management

If you are having problems choosing an argumentative essay topic, here are a few examples you can use.

  • Employee Training: Who should pay for it? The Employees or the Company?
  • How the human resource manager can improve employee loyalty.
  • A Robot is not your competitor: which company functions can never be done by robots?
  • Human Resource and Information Technology: how technology is impacting the world of personnel management
  • How do HR managers in international companies manage cultural differences

Before you start writing your argumentative essay, follow these tips

You need adequate preparations before you start working on the assignment. The tips below will help you write a high-quality essay and organize the workflow to make it easy for you to finish the task.

  • Time Organization

Naturally, students find it difficult to allocate sufficient time to work on their assignment, but the more you postpone it, the harder it will be to write the essay. Try and write a little each day rather than waiting to write the entire paper in one day. It would be more productive to divide the task into three parts and allocate each part one day.

  1. Select a topic, collect data, select sources and notes. These processes should take about a day. This will help you learn new material and make it easier for you to move to the next stage. If you just sit down to write without following these processes, it will be difficult to structure all the information.
  2. Create notes using relevant sources, thesis statement and template. In the previous stage, you might have encountered unsuitable sources, therefore at this point, you need fresh brains.
  3. The third part involves writing the essay and proofreading the text. When you finish writing the text, put it aside. After a few hours, start editing the essay an check for errors. 
  4. Selecting the Topic

If your supervisor has given you the freedom to choose the argumentative essay in Human Resource Management topic, then you are lucky. You can choose to go in two ways; choose a topic you know a lot about or choose one that interests you and you would like to learn a new thing. Each of the options will give you an easy time working on the essay and its successful execution.

But, if you have already been provided with a topic and it looks complicated to you, you can rephrase the topic to make it understandable even to a middle-school student. This will make it easy for you to understand the direction you are going.

  • Choose Relevant Sources

As earlier mentioned, an argumentative essay in human resource management requires facts to support the thesis. Unclear sources should not be used in the essay. Therefore, it is important to obtain good literature, sufficient and reliable research, and scientific articles on the same topic. Be open to the fact that some sources may not be useful to your essay. Also, if you process large amounts of data, it is easy to forget the ones that are significant to your paper. Note the information you require: the source and the page.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Thesis Statement

Although the thesis statement should only be one sentence long, it is still the most essential part of the argumentative essay. The thesis statement appears in the introductory paragraph, summarizes the content of the argumentative essay, and prepares the reader of what to expect. Follow these steps to convey your message clearly and concisely:

  1. Phrase the topic like a question and answer it. State a big question in the essay title or within the first few sentences. Next, build up and answer the question stated in the thesis statement. The question and answer method is effective as it draws readers in and encourages them to go on reading to identify the answer.
  2. Present your argument and then refute it. Present an idea that conflicts with your belief and instantly explain your reasons for disagreeing with it. This method is useful because it utilizes evidence and instantly demonstrates your reliability.
  3. Briefly outline your key ideas.  Present your main argument and explain how you will support it. This method yields results as it presents the reader with a clear idea of all you will discuss in the essay. It also acts as a roadmap to keep you on track and enable better organization.

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