How to Write an Article Review in Nutrition

What is an article review?

An article review is an evaluation or summary of an expert’s or other professional’s work. This essay writing style is used for various reasons, for instance, a lecturer or teacher may want to introduce a new subject to their students by reviewing the work of a professional. Alternatively, an acclaimed expert such is in the health sector could write a review of another medical professional. Depending on the work under review and critique criteria, certain points should be asked and noted from supervisor or lecturer.

As a college student pursuing a health-related course, you will often be assigned tasks to write different academic projects.  These projects will require basic nutrition-related and health-related skills. One such assignment is an article review in nutrition. An article review is essentially an evaluation of research previously published on a certain topic. When writing an article review, you should not overview current thinking on the issue or provide new information. Instead, you will analyze the existing details and data used by the author in his/her work, including the conclusions provided.

So, why does your lecturer want you to review an article on nutrition? If you have been working on a particular topic or taking the course for a while, reviewing the article will demonstrate your understanding of it. Moreover, your work may be useful to nutrition researchers or other students, introducing them to research gaps, knowledge, and existing facts. Additionally, the article review writing process is an excellent opportunity for the student to explore some nutrition topics they lack knowledge in.

Types of Review

  • Journal

A journal article review examines the strengths and weaknesses of a publication. A writer or student must give the reader an interpretation or analysis that illustrates the article’s worth.

  • Research Article Review

This one is different from a journal review in how it evaluates the research method applies and uses that information in consideration of critique and analysis.

  • Science Article Review

This type of article review entails anything in the science realm. Regularly, scientific publications have more background information that can be used to analyze the article more expansively.

Steps for Writing an Article Review in Nutrition

Identify your Scope

Firstly, you have to put a little effort in identifying the scope of the review and the research question you will answer. You should ensure that the article under review significantly contributes to the field of nutrition. Before the actual writing process, make sure that you know what you will write about. The nutrition field of knowledge is wide, for example, you can choose to write in sport nutrition, animal nutrition, plant nutrition, or psychology nutrition.

Use the Right Vocabulary for the Particular Nutrition Field of Knowledge

Which language should you use in a nutrition article review? Undoubtedly, it often depends on who will eventually read your review. Nonetheless, we are currently delving into professional academic writing. Therefore, you have to write an article review in nutrition according to existing standards in nutrition field and your professor’s requirements. Your professor is your reader meaning that he is an experienced professional in the area of knowledge. Hence, you should not explain the terms or write your text in a primitive manner to be understood by your fellow students.

When choosing a topic for article review in nutrition, it is significant to avoid vague language and metaphors. Formulate your thoughts clearly and make sure that each statement is suitable. Remember that your professor will read the entire paper, so avoid delete all the jokes, terms that do not suit the subject, and so on. In the nutrition field, you have to use specific names and terms. If you are not certain about the meaning of a particular term, check its meaning in the dictionary before using it.

When beginning your work, mention the title of the article under review, the name of the author, journal title and year of publication.

Article Review Template and Outline

As you continue to read the article, organize your thoughts into rational sections using an outline. As read, note the significant contributions, facts, or contradictions. Identify the strengths and shortcomings of the publication. Start to accordingly map your outline.

If you have not been asked to write a personal critique or summary section by your professor, then you should omit those parts from the review. Just like other essays or assignments, an article review consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Therefore, you may consider dividing your outline in consideration of the sections and the subheadings in the body. If you have problems with the brainstorming and prewriting process for the review, you can look for a sample outline.

Your article review in nutrition should constitute of the following parts:

  • Pre-title page. List the type of article under review, the publication title, all authors who contributed to the article and their affiliations, that is, email ID, country, state, city, institute, department, position)
  • Optional author details. Fax number, email, phone number, address, and name.
  • Running head. This is only applicable in the APA format. It consists of the paper title shortened to less than 40 characters.
  • Summary page. This is optional, according to your instructor’s demands. The summary should be not more than 800 words long. Use straightforward and non-technical language. Do not give references in this part or repeat text verbatim. Provide a relevant background, describe why the work was done, and recap the results and explain the method.
  • Title page. Consists of the full title, an abstract not exceeding 250 words followed by “keywords” and include 4-6 keywords
  • Introduction
  • The main body, including the headings and subheadings
  • References / Works Cited
  • Optional Recommended Reading Page
  • Figures and Tables Legends (if applicable)


The introduction for article review in nutrition grabs your reader’s attention and comprises the author’s thesis. If the author has not stated the thesis, work out the thesis as you have read the article from the beginning to the end. Also, include the article’s main theme and the claim presented by the author. As a rule, summarize the introduction through your own thesis by providing a quick mentioning of the most outstanding point in the article and its downside.

The Body

When summarizing the article, note down the essential ideas and findings using your own words. Take account of how the claims are sustained and validated with evidence, but as few direct quotes as possible. Do not include information that is obvious to professionals in the field or topic but feature any conclusions drawn from the article. Do not copy the paper word for word, instead summarize it as it will help you in the review section.

To make a correct critique, breakdown the article and express viewpoints on whether it realizes its goals and its significance in explaining the topic. Establish if the paper makes any significant contribution to the field and if it is credible and of importance to the particular field. Support all the claims with credible evidence from another reliable source or from the summary. If you decide to use another source, remember to cite it correctly in the bibliography section. Establish if the points are strong enough to support and contribute to the argument. Try and determine if the writer has any biases and use this information to make a rational critique. Do not forget to state your stand on the thought presented by the writer and back up your stand with documented evidence. This section is only applicable when providing an opinion of the significance in the article and not stating whether you liked it or not. Besides, you can mention the different types of audiences to benefit from the paper in this section.

When writing an article review in nutrition, you need to write several paragraphs to illustrate how the author successfully covered the topic. In this section, you can present your point of view on the thoroughness of the author’s work and how useful it is to the nutrition area. This is the main section of the review, where you evaluate the contribution (if any) of the article to the field of nutrition and its significance to nutrition experts.

Evaluate and consider the article’s most important points and tell the reader if the arguments brought forth by the author are sufficient to sustain his claims. Remember to state your viewpoint and provide enough details to support it. Conclude by suggesting who will mostly benefit from this work, for instance, if you are reviewing an article on “Bulimia Side Effects”, tell your reader how logically and efficiently the author presents this information and how useful the effects can be.

Avoid critiques that do not relate to your subject matter. Alternatively, bring all the ideas together to make a strong argument, which will form your thesis. Provide solid arguments and a topic sentence, for example, in the first sentence, you can state that consulting a professional nutritionist is vital for a healthy lifestyle and follow it up with several sentences elaborating on the significance of this statement.


The conclusion section of the critique should comprise of one or two paragraphs only to include opinions in the piece and a summary of major points. Also, make a summary on the significance of the paper to the field of nutrition and the accuracy of the work. Depending on the work evaluated or type of critique, you can also include suggestions for future research or the subject to be discussed further.

If you have used other sources in the article review, create a bibliography section and cite all the sources used in the review. The style you use to create the bibliography will depend on the type of review requested or work being critiqued.

Formatting an Article Review

The American Psychology Association (APA) format is the most common in article review. It includes a references list at the end of the paper and in-text citations with the last name of the author, page number, and publication date.

Tips to Write an Excellent Article Review

If you are writing an article review for the first time, the following helpful tips will come in handy. If you stick to the recommendations provided, you will consume less time in your article review in nutrition.

Check the type of information you should incorporate in your work. When you have answered the question “what is an article review?” you should be able to structure one immediately. To be successful, you need to know what to base your work on. An analysis of insightful observations is essential for your writing.

Describe the main idea. When reading for the first time, focus on the general impression. Brainstorm ideas on the author’s intentions and establish if he/she has managed to achieve the goal.

Lookup unfamiliar terms. Highlight the expressions or words that you do not know the meaning. When you are finish reading the article, check their meanings in the dictionary or other reliable sources of information.

Highlight the most important points. When you are on your second reading, use a highlighter to underline the most essential ideas for comprehending the article.

Write the outline. A well-structured outline significantly eases your life. Group all your thoughts to create a detailed plan that will help you not miss on important things. Think about the questions that need answering in the writing process.

Brainstorm title ideas. The title of your article should reflect the main point. Therefore, make the title concise but eye-catching.

Look for an example of an article review format. Check whether you can cite the article using the appropriate style. Bear in mind that the APA and MLA formats have different citation rules. Enquire from your instructor the format you should use.

Write an excellent introduction. State the main ideas presented in the article in one brief paragraph. Emphasize on the author’s key arguments and concepts and include a thesis statement at the end of the introduction.

Use a formal writing style. Write the assignment in accordance with formal academic writing style using the third person.

Summarize, critique and conclude. State your opinion on whether the author achieved his goal or not. Indicate the shortcomings of the work, if any, and highlight the article’s strong points as well.

If you have gone through the tips and still think that you lack the necessary skills and time to prepare for this kind of project, there is one more tips that has 100% guarantee. You can ask for professional article review assistance through a custom writing service at We will craft the paper for you, all you have to do is place your order online and let our experts complete the paper.


We highly recommend that you put away the final version of your review for a day or two, if you can. This will enable you take a break from the writing and the nutrition field in general. Afterwards, take a fresh look at the article to find out if it has any typing or spelling mistakes. Check the grammar and punctuation as well and most importantly, pay attention to the accurate data to avoid misunderstandings with your instructor.

Furthermore, reread the original article that you were reviewing to ensure that your article is to the point and that you understood the primary concept of the author. Also, ascertain that the author did not exaggerate any information. Lastly, use a plagiarism checker to establish if the article review has no plagiarism.

The Bottom Line

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