How to write an evaluation essay

What is an evaluation essay?

An evaluation essay is an essay that gives value judgments about a particular topic basing on the sets of criteria. This is an argument that provide evidence to justify the author’s opinion about a topic. The evaluation essay should provide a critical analysis of the topic i.e. you are literally evaluating something.

The key term ‘evaluate’ means to determine the importance, value, or condition of something by keen appraisal and study. Evaluating therefore refers to considering something or someone for the purpose of judging them or it. Evaluation essay should therefore keenly examine the thing or person and give a wholesome judgment of it.

Some of the common things that student do write evaluation essays are; speeches they have listened to, articles and books they have read, a product they are familiar with, or an event they attended.

Critical evaluation of a subject or topic and presenting opinions and judgments about it serves to be the main purpose of writing an evaluation essay. Evaluation essay writing will show the condition, value, or the importance of the topic or subject through keen appraisal and study.

Evaluation essay writing will also serve the purpose of displaying a wholesome view of the worth of a particular item, service, or business entity. This type of essay will naturally have some elements of writer’s opinion but at times it comes not to be opinionated.

Evaluation essay topics.

Comprehending what the prompt is asking the writer to do if the most significant part of writing a quality evolution essay. When writing an evaluation argument essay, the writer is basically required to pen down the reasons why he or she agree or disagree with the topic under discussion.

Choosing a topic that the writer is whole heartedly engaged in it can give the students an upper hand of writing a top essay. Evaluation essay writing topics must be well thought out, researched thoroughly, and critically questioned.

Evaluation essay writing topics should always show individual interests while pushing the envelope when in the field of academic research. Since it is always difficult for a student to come up with an evaluation essay topic by themselves, evaluation topics are categorized as follows;

30+ General evaluation essay topics

These evaluation essay topics cover a broad spectrum or aspects in life, mostly global issues. There are quite a number of ideas to consider when coming up with a topic;

  • What are the merits and demerits of using a computer, laptop, or a smartphone for academic purposes?
  • Should the regulations be stricter when using a cell phone on a traffic jam?
  • How vigorous is the real estate market in the United Kingdom?
  • Are the professional athletes and footballers the best in marketing campaigns?
  • How competent is the United Kingdom electoral system.

Science related evaluation essay topics

The writer should consider a topic that happens to be his or her favorite so that he or she can make the writing more interesting. These topics require enough research and the evidences. The sample ideas are;

  • What is the impact of contact sports to the brain?
  • Evaluate the state of vaccines delivery in the United Kingdom.
  • What is the impact of covid-19 in the world economy?
  • What are the different forms of music in the current society?
  • What is the impact of social media on news and information dissemination?

Evaluation analysis essay topics on trending issues

The sample ideas ere are;

  • Evaluate the effect of celebrities on the dressing code of youths currently.
  • Analyze the factors behind the rise in teenage pregnancies in the third world countries.
  • What is the impact of Christian religion on the African culture?
  • Evaluate the evolution in handling and treatment of HIV and AIDS
  • How successful is the online hiring process.

Evaluation essays on easy topics

This are the ideal topics for the fellows who does not want to do a lot of research since the research scope is limited and mostly opinioned. The sample topics are;

  • If you collect a wallet on the road side, would you return it to the owner with all the belongings?
  • What are the effects of social media to leaning?
  • What are the benefits of acquiring a job in the early ages of life?
  • What is the accuracy of the historical films?

Evaluation essay topics for college level courses

Statistics and other data is important when justifying evaluation topics. The students in this category are required to do a wide research on both books and online. The sample topics in this category are;

  • Does wide traveling broaden ones perspective or reasoning?
  • Does the documentaries broaden the knowledge of the viewers or readers?
  • What challenges do students face when writing their dissertations in the college

Evaluation essay topics on monitoring and evaluation

This requires the writer to monitor an event or a situation for some time and evaluate it on the essay. It entails the performance and the success over a monitored period of time. The sample topics here are;

  • A city’s professional sports team.
  • Parking restrictions on the city market.
  • An industries success over a year.
  • My neighborhood recycling program.
  • A healthy eating campaign on the east African slums.

Evaluation essay topics on employee

Used by employers when making a critical decision on who to hire and fire, or retain. The sample topics are;

  • How do you manage the arising conflicts in the workplace?
  • Would you do a deal to cover the mess done by a coworker?
  • How have you managed to work with difficult situations?

Evaluation essay outline

Evaluation essay will contain some opinions from the writer but it should be done correctly such that it will not sound as an opinion from the writer. A good quality evaluation essay should be fact based, unbiased, and reasonable and hence in a criteria, judgment and evidence are seen in the essay.

  • Criteria reference the need to illustrate what can be expected as a reasonable outcome for the component being evaluated. Concise criteria will prevent the essay from being much opinionated.
  • Judgment comes from establishing if the criteria is met.
  • Evidence is all the information used to support judgment.

Precisely each paragraph in the evaluation essay focuses on one ley fact explained in detail, giving judgment, and evidence as the support.How to write an evaluation essay.

Evaluation essay offers critical insight into the criteria being evaluated, and present the reasonable evidence so that the readers can also form their own opinions. Below are the tips on starting an evaluation essay;

  • Choose the topic – whichever topic the writer choose to write about, he or she will be required to give a critical judgment based on the criteria thus important to choose topic the writer is conversant in.
  • Develop the thesis statement – the thesis should define the overall objective or purpose of writing the evaluation essay. It should provide a clear direction, it is the backbone of the essay.
  • Look for a convenient criteria to make the judgment.
  • Gather together the evidences to establish the view point. You are the judge about the topic in this case so selecting multiple points of interest could be easier.

After you have been given an evaluation essay topic or you have found one that you are interested in, you can go head and plan the components of an evaluation essay which are introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion.

Introduction of an evaluation essay does make the very first impression to the reader but the structure will capture the attention of the reader. The structure of an evaluation essay assures the reader that the writing presented maintains the flow of ideas and a coherent structure.

A solid structure will therefore make the reader very much interested in the essay. An evaluation essay therefore has three sections; introduction, the body and conclusion.


A complete paragraph will introduce the subject, this is done by giving a big overview of the subject discussing the impact the subject has on people and the importance of evaluating it. At this juncture one can create the thesis statement which should include overall judgment and the supporting reasons.

Here is the outline of introduction of an evaluation essay; Opening sentence, background information, overview of the topic, Thesis statement, and subject of the essay. This is the component that will grab the attention of the reader and thus must be written simply and smooth. Thesis statement is always one sentence and there is need for smooth transition from history data to the thesis statement.

Body paragraphs.

An evaluation essay normally have three human anatomy paragraphs and must have evidence which show or support the thesis. These are the building blocks for critical analysis. The common structure of any main body paragraph starts with topic sentence, and followed by a series of sentences which are extensions of the topic.

The sentences should include an argument and support to the topic. Bear in mind that stringing quotes and facts together do not make a good quality of an evaluation essay. The structure of body paragraphs should have topic sentence, development sentences, and supporting sentences in their paragraphs.

Each paragraph should have these three subsections;

  • Criterion one – give a topic sentence with its judgment. Transition words are key in moving smoothly from the thesis to first reason.
  • Provide support for the first reason through statistics, data, quotes, examples etc.
  • Address any objection or opposing views and refute tem while giving a reason for this.


This is last paragraph of an evaluation essay. The aim is to leave the impact on the reader’s mind. Conclusion is the summary of the entire essay and gives a listing of the essay hence it provides the reader’s a sense of closure. Restate the thesis statements using different words and tone.

Here are the strategies to concluding an evaluation essay;

  • Place a connector to the opener – conclusion should have an interesting opening sentence and must be related to the first paragraph.
  • Restate the thesis in different words – this serves more of a final judgment of what the writer think about the assigned context.
  • Summarize of main points – readers should see the big picture of the arguments made along the body of the essay.
  • State the significance of writing the prose – the writer should make the readers feel the meaningful and important analysis.
  • Direct the audience wisely – if for instance the writer had come up with a suggestion, he or she should express it in the conclusion section.
  • Consider other perspective as well – as literary analysis is subjective, different perspective on the same text co-exist.

Free Evaluation essay sample

Upon I reading Peter Hamill’s “Confessions of a Heterosexual” I was impressed to find an individual who did not embrace or shun his faults, but merely exposed them. In Hamill’s essay he discusses how he has had to reconcile with his homophobic past, as well as his ever changing feelings towards gays. Even though Hamill’s views are changing and have changed, his crass description of his beliefs causes one to think just the opposite of what he is saying. I myself, like Hamill, am a heterosexual and a liberal. I too have had to truly confront my feelings toward homosexuals rather than hiding behind the concept of liberalism and denying emotions that need to be resolved.  Like Hamill I am tired of violent and or abrasive “exhibition(s) of theatrical rage from the gay movement” (510).  Even though I recommend Hamill to anyone interested in researching gay and lesbian rights, I can’t not say I liked Hamill’s description of his opinions finding him rude and even uncaring at times despite what he may be been illustrating verbally.

Hamill grew up in the forties and fifties, a time in our nation’s history when gays in America were not allowed to be gay, it was a time of depression in more ways than a financial one. Hamill’s initial experience with homosexuals was minimal and scary. The men in his neighborhood who were gay paid kids and young men for sex, not exactly an ideal way to be introduced into the world of homosexuals. As Hamill’s puts it, “sexuality was crude and uncomplicated: Men fucked women” (510).  While this bit of information helps the reader see how Hamill perceived the world for part of his life, his blunt description causes the reader to believe that he is unsympathetic; as the reader finds out later this simply is not true. Still this statement does not allow the reader to identify as closely with Hamill’s particular view.

Hamill describes the frustration that he feels with the rash of gay pride protests, believing that these demonstrations only have a superficial effect towards bettering gay rights. Again I can say that I concur with the idea that a showy ruckus will do little but ignite contempt and enrage all those opposing homosexual views. Once again, however, Hamill lost his appeal by stating “I am tired of … people who identify themselves exclusively by what they do with their cocks” (510).  How is the reader supposed to separate Hamill’s contempt for overzealous gay movements from gays themselves?

     At one point in the essay the author explains how his recklessly homophobic past has hindered him greatly in the present. As Hamill saw it his youth and as an enlisted member of the U.S. Navy, gays were “predators and corrupters” (511).  He did not realize that some of his friends were gay. Hamill uses this paradox as a kind of informative appeal; he befriended only those who had similar set of morals; it was some of those same friends who turned out to be gay! The fact that Hamill has not only accepted his friend’s choices in life but, has also asked for their forgiveness; reaffirms Hamill’s position on equal rights for gays once again.

     Even though Hamill’s views have changed his fear of AIDS nearly brought him back to square one. Hamill, like the majority of people concerned with AIDS wanted an explanation, an answer even a scapegoat.  Hamill confesses that he had to struggle with his earlier ideals and beliefs. Finally Hamill came to the conclusion that gays and straights should simply unite to fight the plague of prejudice; as everyone is plagued by AIDS. Ending on a somber note Hamill concludes with an  excusing look at the amount of energy being wasted with ineffective demonstrations and accusations; As Hamill states, “there are sadder developments in American life, I suppose, but for the moment, I can’t think of one” (513).

     Hamill, like many Americans, is simply trying to struggle or even speed up the slow process of achieving equal rights for minorities. His disgust for needless demonstrations may come across as mean or angry, but it is merely the fact that we all reach a boiling point at which we tire of redundancy.  It is important to recognize that Hamill, in his individual way, is truly making a difference; he is doing something that few have the courage or patience to accomplish; he is changing one mind at a time, starting with his own.

What is to evaluate when writing an essay

To evaluate is to form an idea of the amount, number, or value of something. Evaluative writing is a type of writing intended to give a judgment of something based on a set of criteria.

The key thing here is to give ones opinion or a position about the extent to which an argument or research findings are accurate or factual. One may be required to illustrate the level to which they agree with a particular argument.

When dong an evaluation of an essay, one should not forget the topic and the thesis statement of the essay. For an academic evaluation essay the tone and word choice should be formal and technical but when the target audience is the general public, the tone can be chatty and informal.

How to evaluate an Argumentive essay

Argumentative essay is all about taking one side in an argument and trying to convince the reader to agree with you. The side or position you take mostly in this argument essay will depend on one’s morals and values.

The side with the most research material available is the best to take if you care less. When writing an evaluation argument essay, the writer is basically required to pen down the reasons why he or she agree or disagree with the topic under discussion. When evaluating an argumentative essay, the following steps are followed;

  • Recognize the summary and the premises.
  • Place the argument in the required catchy format.
  • Make a critical decision if the argument is deductive or non-deductive.
  • If the arguments succeed logically, assess the false or truthiness of the premises. Repeat all the steps for the sub-arguments in the case of the premises that are backed-up by sub-arguments.
  • Make a final judgment to ascertain if the argument is good or bad.

The strategies below are used to judge the effectiveness of an argumentative essay;

  • Identify and analyze the claim.
  • Evaluate the reasons.
  • Critique the evidence.
  • Weigh the counter claims.
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