How to Write an Expository Essay in Business Studies

What Is Expository Writing?

Expository writing is that which seeks to expose, illuminate or explain. It can include encyclopaedia articles, textbooks, instruction manuals, magazine and newspaper articles, essays and other forms of writing as long as it is explaining something. Expository essays usually have an introductory paragraph where an objective or thesis is stated, main body paragraphs to expound on the contents of the introduction, and a conclusion paragraph where everything is summed up. When developing an expository essay, it is essential to assume that your audience has no prior knowledge about the essay topic. As the writer, it is your duty to give the reader as much information as possible. Your reader should feel that they have learnt something after they conclude reading the essay.

Characteristics of Expository Writing

The main characteristics of an expository essay are:

  • Informative – to dispense information
  • Clarity – use words that clearly demonstrate what the writer is talking about
  • Organization – remain focused on the subject matter and list occurrences in chronological order
  • Impersonal – avoid using first-person pronouns and instead use second-person instructions
  • Unbiased – try and not give your opinion as the writer

How do you Begin an Expository Introduction?

When writing an essay, you should purpose to capture the attention of your readers in the introductory paragraph. This is done through a hook in the form of a rhetorical question, anecdote or a quote. Choose a hook statement that will attract your audience to want to read the entire essay. After hooking your readers, give them relevant background information on the topic or subject. The last paragraph in the introduction should include a thesis statement which is a short description of what will be included in the body paragraphs.

Write an Expository Essay in Business Studies

Before you start writing your expository essay in business studies, keep in mind the characteristics of an expository essay mentioned above. Start by focusing on the topic; avoid wordiness, lengthy paragraphs and irrelevant materials, which only serve to confuse the reader. In the same regard, make sure that your chosen topic is narrow, but it should not be too narrow as you might find it challenging to find sufficient information on it.

Ensure that you support your topic with enough examples, facts, explanations, and details in an organized and logical manner. Some of the things that can serve to strongly support your expository essay in business studies topic include:

  • Anecdotes
  • Comparisons
  • Definitions
  • Descriptive details
  • Graphs & charts
  • Quotations
  • Statistics

After listing potential business studies essay topics, narrow it down to one that you think will be easy to research on and interesting to read. Be open to the fact that your professor might give you a topic that might be not passionate to you. However, if you get to choose the topic, consider the following:

  • The ease of looking for credible information sources associated with Business Studies topics
  • Your interest or passion level and knowledge on the subject
  • Your capability to explain and clarify the topic to your readers

Present a Provisional Thesis Statement

The thesis statement you crate for your expository essay in business studies states the main focus of the paper and presents an arguable claim. Typically, you are tasked with writing a single sentence to serve as your thesis. In distinct cases, the thesis statement can be longer depending on the chosen topic and other conditions of the paper.

Try your best to develop an arguable thesis statement, but this is not the place to state facts of taste, matters, or state issues. Provide sufficient details in the thesis statement and a detailed explanation.

Types of Expository Essays

There are five expository essay types, namely:

  1. Descriptive essays, where the writer is required to describe something in detail, such as a situation, experience, place or person. Descriptive essays are special in that the writer has substantial freedom on the content of the essay. Your writing should be beautiful or interesting while keeping the reader engaged.
  2. Process essays, this is the typical ‘how to’ essay. The objective of a process essay is to teach your reader about a learning process. For example how to carry out a successful marketing campaign or how to resolve conflicts in the workplace.
  3. Comparison essays, where the writer is required to critically analyze and compare any two subjects, find and explain their differences and/or similarities.
  4. Cause and Effect essays, which is an immediate reaction essay. These types of essays focus more on why or how things happen and the outcome thereafter.
  5. Problem and Solution essays, which are the standard, prompt assignment. In such a situation, a problem is presented and a solution has to be found. A problem solution essay is broken down into a concise introduction to the issue and fills it with solutions in the main paragraphs.

Write an Expository Essay Outline

After picking the topic and developing a solid thesis statement, you are now ready to crate your outline. The following is an example of an expository essay outline:

  1. Introduction – this is the part where you introduce the topic in an interesting way to keep your readers captivated. Start the introduction with a compelling story, quoting a phrase that will sum up your essay’s main theme or cite a shocking statistic. The thesis statement should appear towards the end of the introduction paragraph.
  2. Body Paragraph 1 – provide your first thesis example in this section.
  3. Body Paragraph 2 – provide your second thesis example in this paragraph.
  4. Body paragraph 3 – provide the third thesis example at this point in the writing process
  5. Conclusion – make sure that you wow your audience with an impactful summary that proves the relevance of your topic. If in a position to, suggest additional research in the future.

Write the Introduction

The first paragraph of your expository essay in business studies is what your reader sees first. Due to this, make the first introduction engaging as much as you can. Start discussing your topic instantly. Your introduction should properly identify the main concept of the expository essay and also serve as a sample of your paper. A hook typically appears in various forms that you can freely choose from. Try starting your business studies expository essay with a bold hooking quote, anecdote, or an opinion statement.

Write the Main Body

The standard length of an expository essay is five paragraphs, but you can make it longer, if necessary. Choose the number of body paragraphs that your expository essay should take considering your assignment guidelines. If you are unsure about the expected length or word count, consult your tutor for direction.

If you decide to stick to the standard five paragraph outline, write three body paragraphs. Each paragraph should include supporting evidence to back up your thesis statement. Even if you choose to write more than five paragraphs, the same principle applies where each paragraph should focus on one idea with evidence to support it.

Stat each paragraph with a topic sentence. A topic sentence introduces the key concept of the paragraph. Moreover, include a piece of sustaining evidence to support your thesis statement. If working with a specific text, make sure you start with a direct quote or a suitably cited paraphrase of the quote you are referencing.

Your expository essay should smoothly transition from one idea or paragraph to the other. The end of each paragraph in the body section should sum up your major point and demonstrate its relationship with the next point.


The conclusion paragraph is an essential part of the expository essay as it restates the subject/topic in question. Firstly, restate the thesis statement to make sure that you capture the attention of your audience. You should include a summary of three major claims discussed in the main body paragraphs. Talking about each idea independently allows the audience to remember the relevance of the topic to your expository essay in business studies. Logically organize the main points to make it readable to your audience and follow your argument.

Edit and Proofread

After completing the first draft of your expository essay, put aside your work and take a couple of hours off or a day before looking at the paper again. Then follow the tips below to edit your paper.

Get a classmate to check your paper

Read the essay out loud and listen to how it sounds. This will allow you to catch grammatical issues, awkward phrases/sentences, and other problematic areas.

Use editing apps such as Hemmingway or Grammarly to check grammar and spelling issues, and also establish the rate and grade level of the essay.

 As you develop your expository essay in business studies, keep in mind that excellent research significantly helps write a great essay. Therefore, present many examples of the topic, including those that are uncommon to your readers, provide a strong thesis statement and ensure that your readers know the difference between an argumentative essay and an expository essay.

The last sentence of your expository essay should indicate what will happen next. You can ask a new question that relates to your topic or provide a solution to a question posed earlier. Call your intended readers to action or inform them about further exploration in the business studies field.

Significance of Business Communication

In business, as the business owner, you need to build credibility and reputation in order to gain your clients’ trust and confidence. Being professional will bring a lot to the business, more so in long term relationships with clients and employees. A business owner should ensure that all business deals are promptly attended to. Business communication involves communicating with employees within an organization and external contacts. This helps in good organization of the business and attending to every matter promptly and properly.

This does not mean that a business should only respond to clients’ inquiries, they should also provide feedback and resolve problems arising in and out of the business as well. This aims to achieve a balance within external and internal factors, more so, when dealing with people, be it employees or external contacts.

Types of Business Communication

When studying for a degree in business studies, one of the things you will learn is the different types of business communication. It is essential to know what business communication type to use to know the particular standards and etiquettes to use in a particular situation. The following are some of the communication types used in business.

Verbal communication which is a mode of communication that involves uttering of words while communicating to employees and external contacts. This form of communication includes telephone, presentations, instructions, and feedback.

Nonverbal communication is a communication mode that utilizes body language and other forms of communicating that do not involve uttering words. It includes space, time, professional appearance, gestures, expression, and body language.

Electronic communication, which entails various forms of communication and it differs from the conventional way of communicating. It includes voicemail, teleconferencing, fax and email. This type of communication is used when communicating with external contacts and for other people within a business organization.

Employment communication is a communication mode used for employees but particularly for accepting job applications. It includes resumes, interviews, follow-up communications, and application letter.

Writing and Communications Assignments in Business School

All business professionals must convey their thoughts in concise and professional ways. The body that accredits college degree programs, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), says that communication skills are essential for business students to learn. In reality, oral and written communication is among the first of the general skill areas required for business programs.

Communications in business does not translate to writing creative stylistic prose or sentence structure, or about well-formatted citations, it is about effective expressions of ideas. This requirement for effective communication in the world of business is so essential that some business schools specifically require students to acquire a proficiency in advanced communication and writing skills. To show this proficiency, students must do well in classes such as Critical Thinking, Advanced Professional Communication, Introduction to Business Law, and Persuasion for business

In many business schools, it is a requirement to take a basic course such as Business Writing and Communication. Within a specific business administration focus, the student may be required to take more business classes in communication. For instance, if you are specializing in marketing, expect to take a unit in Advertising and Marketing Communications that covers topics such as planning and executing successful marketing campaigns.  Those that focus on leadership may also require a lot of communication studies even in classes like Team Dynamics and Leadership.

The Function of Writing and Communication in Business

Why do you need to put effort in learning to write and speak effectively? Your communication skills reflect on your school, and universities and colleges want their graduates to appear as eloquent communicators. Most essentially, the communication skills you build-up as a business major can help you get a promotion or a job. As much as your analytical and technical skills matter, potential employers concentrate on your soft skills when applying for the job and during the interviewing process. All through the years, employers have ranked communication skills as top soft skill that they look for when hiring.

In the world of business, efficient communication involves resolving grammatical issues and removing the jargon to make clear your meaning. Successful writing in business necessitates for the writer to make intentional choices about their communication tone and to cautiously consider the message or purpose of your communication and the audience. This is applicable when drafting a response to a discontented customer or a company-wide internal memo.

Business communications that are too disorganized, too vague or too long fail to deliver the intended message, waste time, and hinder productivity and collaboration. The writing assignment you are required to complete to earn a business degree will give you enough practice to develop your writing skills to prepare you for communication demands in the actual business workplace.

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