How to Write an Informative Essay

What is an Informative Essay?

An informative essay is a form of academic writing where the objective of the writer is to inform the audience about the essay’s subject matter. The subject of the essay could be a person, a place, a phenomenon, or an event. For informative essay writing, the writer is expected to use facts to describe to the reader who may have no idea or little idea about the subject. When writing an informative essay, the student has an opportunity to increase the knowledge of their audience and enlighten them regarding a certain topic. Apparently, college students often confuse informative essays with expository essays. Although informative and expository essays have several similarities, they have major differences. For example, an expository essay presents one side of an argument while an informative essay essentially presents information on a certain subject.

Writing a remarkable informative essay requires skills, which all students should endeavor to master. Before you graduate from a university or a college, you need to successfully write many assignments. Therefore, sufficient essay writing skills play an important role, especially in students’ grades and performance. One distinctive feature of informative essays is that they directly speak to the audience about a particular topic. Consequently, to develop a well-written informative essay, you should first be knowledgeable about everything concerning the essay’s theme and the way to organize your thoughts.

Advantages of Informative Essay Writing

Informative essay for illustration. Most informative essays can be used as a visual aid. In this form of informative essay, diverse situations are provided to develop the essay’s main points. For instance, if the essay is discussing the benefits of a certain self-help medicine, then you should start the essay with how the patient has managed a particular health condition because of constant administration of this specific medicine. There should be a major connection between the person’s health and the drug. The other part of the essay should exhaustively explain how the specific medicine has been of help.

Informative essays expounding on a cause and effect situation. This specific type of informative essay concentrates on the impact of a certain scenario or situation has on another thing. This form of informative essay talks about the special factors of the causes and effects, with evidence and facts that visibly connect these two features.

Informative essays for procedures. Informative essays emphasize the importance of succinct, clear information that you can easily follow. This is the reason informative essays are especially prevalent in subjects that requires steps or procedures. For instance, a process analysis essay informs the audience on the essential compulsory stages to finish the desired end result.

Getting Started with your Informative Essay

  • Study the Essay Requirements

The first thing a student should do before starting to write their essay is study the instructions and requirements of the essay. Doing this will enable you absorb every important point. More specifically, check the formatting, word cunt, and essay content requirements. Before starting work on the essay, enquire about the submission deadline to enable you have enough time to complete, edit, and proofread the work.

  • Choose a Topic

After you understand the essay requirements, you proceed to choose a topic. This phase will have a significant impact on other steps of the writing process. Be careful when choosing your topic, pick one that you can easily obtain information. It would also be helpful if you made your essay interesting so as not to bore your readers. Think about your target audience as it will help you obtain a clear idea of a distinct concept to share with your readers.

  • Brainstorm the Topic and Research Extensively

This is among the most tiring and laborious activities of the informative essay writing process, and it takes a lot of time and require much attention. Be extra careful not to miss out on essential details as you carry out your research. Think about noting down interesting and informative ideas and facts on a piece of paper, to include in the assignment. Essentially, ensure that you have done sufficient research before starting to write the informative essay.

How to Choose a Topic for an Informative Essay

The task of deciding on a topic for your essay can put your writing on hold for some time. This is because you are yet to identify what to write about. If your instructor has already provided an informative essay topic, you are expected to base your arguments on the topic provided. However, if you have been given the freedom to choose a topic, make sure that you are keen on the accessibility of appropriate information to present in your essay.

There are no set rules dictating your choice of topic for your informative essay. Most of the things to discuss should be based on your academic discipline, academic level, word count, tutor’s inclination, and the student’s interest.

It would be a daunting task for a student to write a 500 words essay on a broad topic. But, the word count would be acceptable if you are writing on a topic that does not contain a lot of information. It is also significant to note that many students who write easy academic informative essays do not manage to obtain impressive grades. Due to this, you should strive to write your informative essay on a topic that is engaging, interesting, and one with complex themes.

Informative Essay Topics

The following are informative essay topics that you can use to develop a distinctive theme for your essay.

  1. Technology and the Future
  2. How does Pollution affect the Environment?
  3. Why should one Donate Blood?
  4. Essential Skills for a Leader
  5. How to Become a Remarkable Writer
  6. The Benefits of Regular Exercising
  7. How does Junk Food affect your Health?
  8. How to Become a Good Parent
  9. Why is it Important to Create a Strong Bond between Children and Parents?
  10. How to Exploit Financial Efficiency

Informative Essay Structure

The basic informative essay outline is simple and easy to follow. It is similar to most essay types that contain four or five paragraphs. The five paragraphs include an introduction, 2-3 supporting paragraphs, and the conclusion. But, you may require to use a longer format if you are writing about a complicated topic, or if you want to complete each potential explanation. The most essential point, in informative essay writing, is the presence of your topic. This topic should be your essay title.

  1. Introduction

The introduction is essential to grab the readers’ attention, that is, make them want to keep reading your essay. If your reader finds your essay opening to be uninteresting and boring, there are high chances that he/she will leave and look for something else. An informative essay’s introduction typically starts with a powerful sentence. When writing informative essays, you should begin with the “hook”.  This is the first sentence in your essay, and so it has to raise the curiosity of the reader to make them read on. This initial part of your introduction should be both interesting and directly linked to the topic. Your choice of a hook will depend on your context, topic, inclinations, etc. You can uses facts, statistics, or a question as a hook. It is vital to be aware that in informative essay writing, facts should be concise, clear, and free of fillers. Every sentence in the informative essay should have meaning. It is crucial to begin your informative essay with a powerful lead-in sentence, with an introduction that will present the point you will talk about and your topic as well. Every informative essay or any other type of essay is founded on a great thesis statement. The objective of a thesis statement is to provide a form of navigation for the essay and lead you on the right path. A thesis helps the writer avoid about anything and everything, away from the primary topic. This would leave your essay with too much information but nothing valuable for the topic you are supposed to be writing about. A thesis statement allows your reader to be familiar with the contents of your informative essay. It should be the last sentence of the introduction section; make it explanatory, authoritative, and specific.

  1. Main Body Paragraphs

After developing a stimulating, informative, and solid introduction, it is now time to start writing your body paragraphs. The objective of this essay section is to provide a deeper investigation of your topic. You should develop the body of your informative essay on the ideas that you presented in the introduction. Body paragraphs have unique opinions that support or develop the essay. Every paragraph should have a different idea to support your main thesis statement. Each point (topic) should be presented in a separate paragraph and the number of paragraphs will depend on the parameters of the topic and assignment. If your topic calls for more points, then add more paragraphs. Alternatively, reduce the number of paragraphs if your topic only needs a few points.

The body paragraphs should be used to discuss your point and respond to opposing ideas with better facts and evidence. With every paragraph, make sure that you have a concrete opening sentence to make the reader aware of the idea you will develop upon. Use direct and simple words and ensure that each word you use in the informative essay adds something worthwhile to the paper. It is particularly important to join the topics and evidence you are going to use. You can arrange topics or points chronologically or according to their significance. Without proper direction, there is a potential risk of your readers getting confused by randomly splitting evidence.

  1. Conclusion

After defining or explaining your subject with concrete proof, you can now conclude the paper. Just as you did in the introduction, make this section relatively short, but powerful enough not to destroy all that you have mentioned in the body paragraphs. The concluding paragraph has the purpose of reaffirming the thesis statement and direct a concluding objective for the reader.

Conclusions in informative essay writing should be consistent and precise. Do not present new pieces of evidence as will lead to a pointless exhaustive discussion. So, a concise summary demonstrating the significance of the topic is a good way to conclude. The main thing you should keep in mind is that the conclusion of the essay should include a justification of how your audience can benefit from the conclusions.

Valuable Tips to Develop your Paper

After you finish writing your paper, go through this informative checklist to ensure that you did not miss anything. Use the tips below to improve your informative essay.

  • Avoid selecting abstract or broad topics such as respect or love. A very narrow topic such as where not to sit in the class is also a bad choice for an essay topic. Try to acquire a happy medium by choosing, for instance, an informative essay on ways to cook Mexican dished or the victories of Alexander.
  • Keep away from topics you have no competence or interest in. the writer should sound experienced and professional when describing the meaning of things or how to do them.
  • Keenly go through the guidelines and look for informative essay examples before you start the actual writing process. Even if you are an expert in the chosen topic, you still need to do in-depth research to find out how to reference and cite sources in academic writing.
  • Your essay should sound unbiased and neutral, so, avoid the pronoun “I” while presenting your argument.
  • Do take a stand on the issue. Unlike in an argumentative or persuasive essay, an informative essay should not have the author’s opinion. Your paper should be neutral.
  • Do nor disregard creating an outline. Avoid jumping right into the first draft without proper organization. An outline helps in saving time, as it helps you logically organize ideas and later elaborate on them.
  • Your informative essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. If any of these parts is missing, the essay will be incomplete.
  • Ensure that you cover the topic and logically developed your paper.
  • List all your information sources in the reference page and cite all borrowed ideas.
  • Proofread and edit the essay and check for plagiarism before you submit.

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