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What is a college essay?

Buy Custom Essay Papers
Buy Custom Essay Papers

An essay is a formal piece of writing whose aim is to support or present a singular discussion subject. When you write an essay, you submit a claim on a specific topic by stating a particular viewpoint, making an analysis, deducing the facts, or initiating ideas through research evidence. Therefore, whether writing a review essay, an analytical essay, an exploratory essay, a descriptive essay, or an argumentative essay, you must follow a set structure and format. A college essay comprises three sections; an introduction, which tells the reader about the paper’s contents. The main body, the most significant section of the paper, discusses the topic in detail using facts and evidence. The conclusion summarizes all that you have discussed in the essay paper.

What Is Custom Writing?

Custom writing is creating a piece of content that is unique and meets the actual requirements as provided by the client. Typically, a custom essay writer seeks to write an exceptional paper on any topic provided by the client. Custom writers are generally assigned with writing tasks on dissertations, essays, research papers, etc. 

The main reason for looking to buy custom essays is because of plagiarism. Plagiarism is not acceptable in any assignment; it can cost you valuable marks during grading. A custom essay is written just for you following your instructions. Custom essay writers at Buy-Essay ensure that your papers are plagiarism-free.

Why Students Write Essays?

Writing essays helps students develop essential functions and skills in their education. Firstly, when students write custom essays, they practice and perfect their writing skills, which they can later transfer to their learning career and profession. For instance, they develop the ability to write, reflect and organize ideas, and communicate efficiently.

Secondly, students learn to build an organized and formal writing method that communicates undoubtedly. Thirdly, writing essays helps students organize their thoughts on what they know, builds vocabulary, and develop a distinct writing style.

The skills you obtain when writing custom essays also comes in handy when completing other assignments. Students who cannot or hate writing essays can buy a custom essay for college at Buy-Essay at an affordable price. But, with regular practice, you will be ready to complete your essays without difficulty.

Basic Custom Essay and Paragraph Format

A basic custom essay has three main sections: introduction, main body, and conclusion. You should always follow this format when writing your essay, but you should be flexible if necessary. 

Parts of a Custom Essay


The purpose of the introduction paragraph is to introduce the topic and guide your readers into the paper. It should start with a hook to catch your reader’s interest. The hook can be a question, an analogy, a quote, a fact, etc. After capturing your reader’s attention, provide some background information about the topic. Do not be too detailed in the introduction; instead, offer general ideas to help the reader understand the main argument and slowly become specific as you get into the thesis statement.

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement states the essay’s main argument of idea briefly, sets limits on the topic, and indicates the paper’s organization. The thesis is a guide for the entire essay; it presents your idea and the points you will use to sustain them.

Main Body

This is the section that supports the major points outlined in the thesis statement. The main body typically has three paragraphs, with each paragraph supporting one point and relevant evidence. Evidence can be in the form of experiences and research, depending on the assignment. Apart from this support, the writer should tie the topic ideas with analysis and a discussion to draw conclusions supporting the thesis.


Transitions join paragraphs to one another and the thesis statement. You can use them within and between sections to obtain paper flow from one idea to the other. A transition can be one or two words or one or two sentences that take the reader to the following central point. An example of a transition sentence is the topic sentence of a paragraph.


The conclusion paragraph combines all the main ideas of the custom essay. It restates the thesis statement and gives readers something to think about and a sense of closure by resolving ideas that emerged in the essay. A conclusion paragraph may also address the repercussions of the argument. It would be best not to introduce new ideas or topics, which you did not address in the paper.  


If you use research, acknowledge your sources using in-text citations and a references page at the end of the paper.

Steps to Writing a Custom Essay

Writing a custom essay paper is simple for some students, while others require more effort even to write the first sentence. Successful writing of an essay needs proper planning. If you are new to essay writing or struggle with writing, follow the steps outlined below to improve your essay writing skills.

  • Decide the essay type 
  • Brainstorm the topic
  • Do your research on the topic
  • Establish a writing style
  • Develop your thesis
  • Create an essay outline
  • Write the essay
  • Edit your work

Decide the Type of Essay 

When writing an essay, the first thing to do is to establish the type of essay you are writing. You can choose from these eight essay categories:

  • A persuasive essay, where you convince your readers to agree with your point of view
  • Narrative essay, where you tell a story or pass on information about your topic in an orderly and straightforward manner. 
  • Descriptive essay, where the writer focuses on the details of the subject matter.
  • Expository essay, where the writer explains how to do a certain thing.
  • Informative essay, which aims to educate through a presentation of facts.
  • Problem solution essay, which describes a problem, persuades the reader to care about it, offers a solution, and be ready to dismantle objections.
  • Compare and contrast essay that identifies similarities and differences between subjects, typically in the same category.
  • Argumentative essay, where the writer takes a stand about a controversial issue and provides evidence to defend his stand.
  • Brainstorm the Topic

To write an essay, you need to have an idea of what it’s all about. Brainstorming helps you pick an essay topic.

  • Start by writing whatever comes into your mind.
  • Use mind-mapping or clustering to brainstorm and choose an essay topic. You can do this by writing your idea or topic in the middle of the paper and creating clusters of associated ideas around it.
  • After listing several potential topics, choose the one that best answers your essay question. Choose a topic that is not too narrow or too broad.
  • Research the Topic

After picking the best topic for your essay, you need to research more about it. You can search online or interview experts on the subject. Organise your research to make it easier to refer back to and cite your sources when completing the essay.

  • Establish a Writing Style

Your paper topic or your teacher will determine your writing style for the essay. Generally, you will encounter these three writing styles when writing your college essay.

  • APA (American Psychological Association), which applies the author-date citation style. This writing style is applicable in psychology and social science research essays and papers.
  • MLA (Modern Language Association), which applies to language art and humanities essays. It uses the author-page citation style.
  • Turabian, also known as the Chicago Manual of Style, consists of two writing styles: notes-bibliography and author-date. Professionals and college students mainly use it. The author-date style applies for scientific papers, and notes-bibliography style works for humanities and art papers. 

Each writing style has unique formatting requirements for in-text and reference citations.

Develop your Thesis

A thesis statement is the essay’s main idea or argument. It should be written in one sentence indicating the contents of the essay. For example, the thesis statement can be “Cats are descended from Leopards.” You can use this as the fundamental argument to write the entire essay, ensuring that all other points in the essay lead back to this statement. The thesis statement should be stated in the introduction paragraph.

Moreover, your thesis statement should be extensive enough to have enough to write about it, but also not too broad

Create an Essay Outline

The next thing is to create an outline of what you will write about, which is the skeleton of the paper. An outline ensures that your essay is well organised, logical and flows suitably. For example, when asked to write an argumentative essay, you can follow the procedure below.

Write your thesis statement at the top, followed by topic sentences for all the paragraphs below that. To do this, you have to know what each of the paragraphs will contain before writing them down.

  • Let each paragraph contain one idea; putting too many ideas in one paragraph will confuse the reader.
  • Remember to use transitions to connect sentences and paragraphs to make the reader understand the flow of the paper from one point to the next.
  • Include supporting facts and evidence from your research in each paragraph. Ensure that each paragraph refers to the thesis statement and creates an organised and comprehensible essay.

Write the Essay

After creating an outline, you can now start writing your essay. Writing should be according to the outline, where you flesh out the skeleton to create a cohesive and clear essay. Edit and reread the paper as you write to make sure that it sounds as you want it to.

Remember the following:

  • Revise for structure, uniformity, and clarity
  • Adequately support your thesis with relevant information in the paragraphs. Every paragraph should have a distinct topic sentence. A topic sentence tells readers what is in the rest of the paragraph, making it an essential inclusion.
  • Ensure that there is a proper flow of ideas. Transition words are vital as you progress through the essay. Transition words act as the glue that links paragraphs and prevents the paper from sounding disorderly.
  • Reread the introduction and conclusion. Do you think the reader will understand what you are communicating?

In the introduction paragraph, it is vital to include a hook, a sentence or phrase that lures readers in and encourages them to continue reading. 

Check Grammar and Spelling

Look out for typos and mistakes after you finish writing the essay.

  • Revise to check for technical errors
  • Check for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. Do not over-rely on spell check as your misspelt word can also be a legit word.
  • Ensure that you insert quotation marks correctly and cite your sources with clarity and accuracy.

Why Buy Custom Essay Papers

  • To Avoid Plagiarism

There is a significant difference between content writing and academic writing regarding format, style, tone, use of words, and sentence structure. Unlike story or content writing, academic writing is formal and adheres to strict formatting and grammar guidelines. College tutors grade custom essays based on the ideas presented and how a student sticks to the guidelines of academic writing. Therefore, even if a student presents an excellent argument supported by facts and evidence but fails to format and reference properly, the paper can be said to be plagiarised. Plagiarism is a severe offence in academic writing, and the student can be rejected or cancelled, and sometimes they are expelled from the institution because of plagiarism. This is why students buy custom essays online for fear of failure or expulsion. Students can also buy custom essay proofreading services to check their paper and ensure that it meets all custom essay paper requirements.

  • Lack of Time

Writing a research or custom essay paper is time-consuming and requires total devotion and attention. It takes days of hard work, research, and commitment to finish an assignment. Nowadays, when everything moves fast, students face the challenge of time management. It becomes almost impossible to attend classes, extracurricular activities, seminars, work, and social and personal commitments. An assignment submission deadline may be so short that it becomes challenging to submit custom essay papers on time. Therefore, students have no choice but to buy a custom essay for college from a reputable writing service such as Buy-Essay.

  • Lack of Research Sources

Another primary reason for students visiting essay writing websites to buy cheap custom essays is the unavailability of research sources. To compose a well-research essay, you need to consult different research materials such as statistics, research papers, reports, journal articles, and websites, with most of them not being free. Buying essays from the best place to buy custom essays gives you the advantage of receiving a quality essay. The quality is enhanced by the substantial evidence obtained from various scholarly books and sources, as many custom paper writing services can access premium journals and libraries.

Apart from being unable to access research sources, most students who place orders to buy custom essays from writing services have zero research skills. They cannot efficiently gather reliable evidence to sustain their essay topic and organise data to include in their essays.

  • Uncertain about their Essay Quality

When students look for the best site to buy custom essays, they are also looking for someone to edit and proofread their papers. They want to ensure that the paper is free of formatting, grammatical, logical, and semantic errors. Proofreading and editing services also check for plagiarism. Editors and proofreaders are qualified with ample experience examining academic papers, and they can point out mistakes and provide professional advice on making the essay better. This gives the students peace of mind and confidence that the essay they want to submit fulfils the requirements of their teacher.

Why Buy Custom Essay Papers From Buy-Essay?

Buy-Essay has custom essay writers with many years of writing academic essays. Each writer is a bachelor’s degree holder specialising in a particular field. We write custom essays across different academic areas; hence you will find a custom essay writer for your specific field. Our writers are identifiable by their field of specialisation, so, when searching, you can narrow down your search to, for example, “humanities writer.”

When you buy custom essay papers, you can be sure that you will get a fair deal. Many individuals and writing companies exploit students wanting to buy custom essays online by overcharging them for a simple article. Do not allow selfish companies to take advantage of you; instead, buy custom essay papers from Buy-Essay. Buying your essay from us will prevent financial risks and identity theft because we have a firm privacy policy. You need to buy a custom essay from a reliable company, and Buy-Essay boasts happy and satisfied customers. We guarantee that you will get value for your money as we do not practice dishonesty with our clients. If you buy custom essays for college from our excellent writers, be assured that you will get original work at a very affordable price.

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