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What is a Case Study?

A case study essay is an assignment where you are required to analyze a particular case (issue, event, person, group, organization) and explain how the complexities and elements of the case relate to theory. Sometimes, you will have to provide solutions to problems or make recommendations for future actions. The case study is not particularly a research method, however, researchers select data collection methods and analysis to generate materials fit for case studies. You can be asked to write a case study as part of a report, longer assignment, or as an essay.

Purpose of Case Studies for Students

A case study is an expansive concept that varies in function of a focus area or a subject. It is defined as an empirical examination into a group, person, institution, policy, decision, period, event, or phenomena performed in an actual context. Typically, case studies include research and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, often produced through their students’ experiments. The main objective of case studies is obtaining valuable judgements that enable a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

The main focus should be on particular traits of interest, more so when investigating basic principles, causes, behavioural patterns, groups, individuals, or laws governing specific phenomena or events. Typically, case studies start with theoretical hypothesis/propositions evaluated in-depth and verified with evidence, either experimental or from literature.

Case Study Preparation

Before you begin writing your case study, use these guidelines to help you prepare and also give you a better understanding of the same.

Read and examine your case comprehensively

When evaluating your case, take essential notes to help you in the writing process. Mark all pertinent facts and underline the main problems in your case.

Focus your investigation

You should identify two to five primary problems and provide reasons as to why they exist. Explain their impact and illustrate who is responsible for them.

Look for probable solutions

You can examine different discussions, course readings, previous research, and your experience.

Provide the best solution

You should demonstrate how your solution is the best. Employ strong supporting evidence to demonstrate this and describe its advantages. Illustrate how practical it will be eventually.

Drafting Your Paper

Analyze a Case

It is essential to know why you are analyzing the case before you start. Go back to your assignment instructions and make sure you understand everything.

You could be asked to:

  • Answer a particular question through examples from the case to sustain your argument
  • Investigate what happened and why (without giving recommendations)
  • Recommend or identify solutions
  • Write a plan taking the issue into consideration
  • Examine the Case

For you be thoroughly familiar with the case, you should thoroughly read the case during the analysis process. Begin by just reading the case without asking too many questions. Later, read it severally to identify the following:

  • Who is/was involved? List characters by job role and state their involvement in the case
  • What is happening/happened? Provide specific actions that are occurring/occurred.
  • State the facts. Provide information you are sure about.

Read additional material to assist you analyse the case. For instance, in business, you can read a company’s financial statements; in nursing, look at the background of the treatment for the illness from which the patient is suffering.

Theoretical Approaches

You should assess which theoretical approaches you’ve previously covered in your studies relate to the specific case you are analyzing. In some occasions, this may be apparent while it may not be too obvious in others. A theoretical approach is important as it can provide particular questions to answer or particular issues to look for. For instance, in business, it may be in the form of a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis. If you have not been given a theoretical approach, do not worry. You can ask questions such as:

  • Generally, what is the case study about?
  • What precise issues are related to it? What is interesting about it?
  • Do I know anything about these issues?
  • How do the issues relate to the theories we have learnt?
  • What alternate approaches would be ideal in dealing with the issues?
  • What would be the impact of an alternative approach?
  • Link the Theory to a Real Life Example

The most essential element about a case study is the ability to connect a real world example to the theory. This sheds more light to both because:

  • The practical example means that you can recognize how theory works practically
  • The theory helps one see why things happened and help you devise alternative approaches, find solutions and make recommendations.

Real life is messy and complex. You should not expect it to perfectly fit into theories which are sometimes best guesses and generalizations. But, you will be assigned the case particularly because it does not connect to theories you’ve learned or should be aware of.    

 Therefore, you need to:

  • Refer back to your lecture notes and books and determine is anything suits the case
  • Look for research relating to the issues you established during the analysis. Please note that these will not be obvious to identify; claims made in research papers all fit the description of a theory.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do the issues and facts identified in the case sustain any theories?
  • Do the issues and facts identified in the case nullify or weaken any theories?
  • Do any of the theories describe why issues occurred?
  • Do any of the theories support the actions adopted?
  • Do any of the theories provide alternatives solutions?
  • Can any of the alternatives work well in your case? Why?

When you have the answers to most of these questions, you can now write write your case study essay.

Case Study Essay Structure

Case study essays typically have to answer a particular question through examples from the case study. Case studies are written in continuous prose, that is, a sequence of paragraphs without subheadings. They need to be structured like any other essay to include an introduction, main body and a conclusion.

  • Introduction

In the introduction paragraph, identify all the main problems in the case study. The introduction should also include a thesis statement. In other occasions, a thesis statement is written on its own, away from the introduction. It should be one or two sentences summarizing the outcome of your case analysis.

  • Main Body

Generally, the main body should be organized thematically. Use each paragraph to communicate a point and then take information from your case to demonstrate and support the point. You are also required to bring in theory to strengthen your argument. Occasionally, you can start with the case example and then illustrate how this connects to theory and the conclusion derived from it. But, it is advisable to first let your reader know what you are trying to put across to avoid them second guessing this until they get to the end of the paragraph. Each point in the main body should lea back to your thesis statement you presented in the introduction.

  • Conclusion

What lessons can be learnt from the case study? How did the theory fit in the real-life example? Can you provide recommendations or solutions? If yes, state them here.

  • Proofread and Edit

After you finish writing your first draft of the custom case study essay, go through it to check for inconsistencies relating to the structure and content. Make sure that your thesis statement is clear and direct. Establish if you have provided convincing and solid evidence to sustain your thesis. Identify any missing elements from the analysis. After revising, proofread the paper to spot grammatical mistakes and incorrect punctuations and spellings. You can now write your final draft and submit it.

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Subjects we Can Help You With

The case study essay format may sometimes vary depending on the subject. For example, in psychology, a case study may involve a patient’s history and an assessment of treatment effect. The following are a few examples of subjects and disciplines our case study essay writing service provides.

  • Life Science Subjects: Pharmacology, physiology, histology, microbiology, molecular biology, neuroscience, immunology, evolutionary biology, genetics, developmental biology, cell biology, and ecology.
  • Nursing and Medical Disciplines: Explorations that relate to pathogens, origins, mechanisms, and treatments.
  • Social Sciences: Research on social studies, sociology, political science, psychology, geography, history, and anthropology.
  • Marketing: The significance of SEO for online businesses, adapting advertising messages to cosmopolitan and multi-cultural audiences, and analyzing innovative or traditional advertising campaigns.
  • Business and Management: Analyzing supply or stock chains, the advent of exemplary or innovative companies, acquisitions, and asset management in big corporations. Case studies in business can investigate particular market entities, periods, events, or decisions, considering descriptive economic parameters, market evolution, and circumstances.

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