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An essay is a piece of writing that is typically written in consideration of a writer’s point of view. This is based on accurate information collected during a research. English papers seem to overwhelm many students, but it is still a significant part of your academic work. You have to get excellent marks when you complete the paper well. What should a student do when they don’t have time to complete the assignment or English is not among their favourite subjects? When you are in this situation, you can ask for online English paper help from a reputable English essay writing service, such as buy-essay.com. Our quality and professional services have been proven to be helpful to students seeking English essay assistance.

Characteristics of an English Essay Writing Service

The best English essay writing service is distinguished by its credibility and quality. When looking for such a service, look out for the following characteristics:


A good English essay writing service is transparent with its terms and conditions. If the website does not have detailed policies, do not count on it. It is not possible to hold a company responsible for something they did not guarantee. The terms should be easy to read and comprehensible. Although it takes around 10 minutes to go through the terms and conditions, it is essential to invest that time before placing your English essay order to make you have a clear image of your rights as a user.

User-Friendly Website

The website should be easy to use. It should not crash on you when you are placing your order, hence it should be reliable. It should be stable to enable you place your order without any hitches.

Prompt Customer Support

When you make an inquiry through the website, the customer support team should respond promptly. The ideal situation would be to have instant live chat. When talking about a credible essay writing service, you should be talking to a real customer support agent, not a bot.


The price of having your English essay done should be affordable, but not very cheap. You should receive a high-quality essay written by a professional in your niche, which can be quite on the pricier side. An affordable and reasonable price should be around $20, with a provision of a discount for multiple pages and longer deadlines.


A credible English essay writing service usually has sample papers on its website or provides them on demand from customers. This will enable potential clients to see the level of quality and detail you should expect from them. Also, it is essential to take note of the website content. If there are silly grammatical issues on the website, it means that the writing service does not have a competent editing team.

Positive Reviews

Leading essay writing agencies receive positive essay writing service reviews from their customers and independent reviewers. Before you order a paper, make sure that you check the website’s reputation.

Types of English Essays

English essays may seem to be similar, but they come in various forms. The four major types of essays are persuasive essay, expository essay, descriptive essay, and narrative essay.

Persuasive Essay

As suggested by its name, a persuasive essay aims to persuade the reader to take a particular stand about an issue. It is created to convince the reader to adopt the writer’s viewpoint. As the writer, you have to provide your basic facts, views, and figures in order to look credible and reasonable.  The writer should present positive and negative arguments and defend the one that seems to hold more weight. It is not enough to merely state a point to make it believable, the point should be correct and sound to make the reader accept your viewpoint without an iota of doubt.

Expository Essay

This is a form of essay that presents a balanced view of the topic under study. The writer utilizes various research engines, statistical and data examples to prove his point. An expository essay helps find out the reason behind the occurrence of a thing or an event without reference to any personal feelings or thoughts.

Descriptive Essay

This is where a writer vividly describes something. The descriptive essay helps paint a picture in the reader’s mind about the thing under description. A descriptive essay can describe an experience, place, person, event, etc. Your word selection when writing a descriptive English essay should be to strike the reader’s senses. Your readers should be emotionally connected with your paper’s content.

Narrative Essay

Sometimes you are required write an English essay in the form of a story. When you receive such instructions, you should be aware that your instructor wants you to write a narrative essay. The narrative essay has the structure of story writing complete with a plot, characters, and so on. You can describe the story on the basis of a real life experience or you can create the experience. Do not be duped into thinking that a narrative essay is easy to write; it entails a lot of creativeness. You must ensure that you involve your reader in the narrative to make them want to read more. In narrative English essay writing, we use the first person pronoun and include a statement in the introduction that will capture the reader’s interest.

How to Write an English Essay

Buy-essay.com has provided essential essay writing tips to help you write your English essay.

  • Build your content: When you want to read or write a story, you can use the same technique to write an English essay. A story develops characters and a plot while an essay develops ideas. The primary idea should come first in the paper so as to engage the reader from the start.
  • Choose a topic: Choosing the right English essay topic is an effective strategy to engage the reader. You should not pick a topic based on the writer’s preference; it should be based on the student’s/writer’s choice. If you are unable to choose an essay topic, you can consult previous papers or visit buy-essay.com for essay writing samples.
  • Stick to the deadline: Sometimes the student has different assignments to complete and may all have the same deadline. This makes him start doubting if he can submit the paper on time.  Make an outline of the essay to help you complete all essays due within a certain deadline. Try and adopt the five paragraph English essay structure as it is easy and less time-consuming.
  • Paragraph format: An English essay should have different paragraphs with each holding one argument or idea. There should be smooth transition from one paragraph to the other and each idea should relate to the other. An argument should consist of negative and positive points and the writer must clearly make their stand and support it with evidence.
  • Include sources: Always include your sources of information in the form of references as this will help you obtain extra grades. Whenever you get stuck while putting forth an argument, you can seek for help from different information sources like journals, books, credible website articles and develop the point. Your professor will be impressed if you include outside sources other than the knowledge you demonstrate in your writing. This helps to build an argument. However, giving credit to your source is a concern, which should be done cautiously. You can either paraphrase the content derived from the source or write the content as it is but put it in quotations. This will help you avoid being accused of plagiarism or another charge of academic misconduct that may arise from not crediting the author from where you obtained your information.
  • Write the introduction at the end: Some students are confused about writing an essay introduction. The introduction paragraph basically explains the thesis statement and the essay content to be covered in the paper. When writing the essay, the student may discover some new points, making him amend the essay. It can be discouraging to rewrite the same content, but it is essential to develop a thesis statement at the beginning. The thesis statement should reflect the objective of the paper in not more than two sentences. To make your essay more effective, develop an argumentative thesis with some topic elements.
  • Use of academic tone: Do not use personal pronouns like you, me, she, he, I, etc. An English essay paper should always have a formal tone. Avoid technical words or jargons unless and until the topic is on a technical subject.
  • Proofread the essay: Once the essay is complete, the student should go through the content to look for errors made during the writing process. One can also ask a friend to check the paper as they will identify new mistakes that the student may have missed.

Who is a Professional English Essay Writer?

Finding a reliable and credible English essay writer is probably the most significant aspect. But, who is an actual professional?

  • A real professional has vast experience and expertise in academic writing. Therefore, you should not look for online English paper help from a fellow student. A professional knows about all the writing requirements and is familiar with different paper formatting styles.
  • The writer must have a degree. If possible, a writer who wants to be handling English papers should at least have an English degree or an education the Humanities.
  • An expert should be open to communication, be easy-going, and polite. The client should be comfortable when engaging with such a person. Eventually, you will have some questions about the order and you don’t have to be afraid to ask a questions.

English Paper Writing Service

The following are the features you will find at buy-essay.com

Top-quality Papers

We make sure that our writers adhere to all your instructions to precision. You can choose an academic level college/university, high school, or professional and we will give you a writer with relevant qualifications to handle it.

Professional and Certified Writers

We have employed a team of professional writers to offer expert custom writing services. All of them are native English speakers and PhD holders, which makes them capable of taking care of any assignment that comes their way.

On-time Delivery

All papers ordered are delivered within the required deadline. In case your paper requires more time to complete, we will contact you concerning a deadline extension. If you cannot provide a longer deadline, we will refund your payment 100%.

Confidential and Original

We have different plagiarism checkers to ensure that your paper is plagiarism-free. We have an able team of editors who thoroughly go through all in-text citations and sources. We also guarantee you full confidentiality of your engagement with our service. We understand that you may be worried about your parents or teacher finding out that you sought the assistance of an English essay writing service. You should know that collaborating with buy-essay.com is confidential and safe. We value your privacy and we do not need much data such as your real name, college name, or location. There is no need for you to share your phone number for communication with your writer; you can do so via our chat. To facilitate secure payment, we only use credible well-known systems such as ApplePay, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa. We have an efficient security system that does not leakage of any aspect of our interaction. So, when placing an order within our website, you need to provide your email and credit card details.

Write my English Essay at an Accessible Service

The buy-essay team works tirelessly to enhance your user experience to the highest possible level. Our goal is to make the cooperation process with our support managers and writers pleasant and easy. We value client feedback and use it to improve our website. Each contact point with our service has valuable details no matter what you are using to fill out the form.

The order form is full of unique details that enables us capture the core qualities of your English paper. There is no need to provide a detailed explanation to your writer as they can interpret the information provided to customize your paper. It only takes a few minutes to place an order.  There is a shortened order form on the buy-essay.com website that automatically redirects you to detailed order form. Here, you will get to choose your academic level (master’s, undergraduate, or high school), paper type, discipline, number of pages, formatting style, among other details.

Why do Students Seek Essay Writing Help?

One of the most popular requests we receive is ‘write my essay’ from desperate students. We do not disappoint them as we are at your service round the clock to solve problems that overwhelm you. We at buy-essay.com help solve the following problems, among others:

  • Lack of knowledge: Some papers are wide and require a lot of expertise and knowledge and effort to create, for instance, dissertations and theses. We can complete such paper types as well. We work with PhD graduates to write the papers and they are ready to carry out thorough research to give you a top notch dissertation. Apart from essays, we provide other types of academic papers since we have a big team of writers qualified in different academic disciplines. You just have to place an order and request us, ‘please write my essay.’
  • Lack of sufficient time: Close or short deadlines are some of the reasons we receive for students wanting to buy English essay online. Today, most students are multitasking and have to handle vast amounts of data to analyze and evaluate it. Sometimes the student may receive an essay assignment and other papers at the same time, making the periods needed to complete the work too short. Another issue with modern students is procrastination. This leads to a delayed start with finishing given tasks and forces the student to ask for our English essay writing help.
  • Lack of motivation: As it is obvious, being motivate gives one the energy to succeed and achieve their goals. Nonetheless, some academic disciplines may not be among your majors, but your teachers need you to be upbeat in completing various papers in that area. Therefore, lack of motivation is another reason why students look for essay writing help from companies such as buy-essay.com. We are available round the clock to assist you write a paper on a subject that does not excite or inspire you.
  • Lack of formatting skills: Being scholarly and well-educated does not always translate to knowing all types of essay formatting styles. Students are always contacting us looking for editing and formatting services. Luckily for them, our writers are familiar with all the intricacies of the most common college paper formatting types, such as MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard.

With this information in mind, you can now confidently buy English essay online from our writing service. Place your order today and wait to receive a favourable grade from your professor.

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